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1. Basic Topics

Gain a comprehensive, Consultant-level mastery of the Basic Topics through our problems-based lecture series that's accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand. Sessions available as recordings.
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2. Advanced Topics

Learn clinical pearls and Advanced Topics and through our dynamic, online problem-based discussion on Perioperative Medicine. The best way to pass is still to understand. Sessions available as recording.

Anesthesia Potpourri 1


anesthesia-potpourri-beveled-62x62Read through Miller, Barash, Stoelting, and M&M, but still getting questions wrong?
Here’s you chance to learn about all those key words not explicitly mentioned on the ABA Content Outline.


Week 1 Hypoglycemia, Perioperative MI, Contrast Induced Nephrotoxicity, Acute Mountain Sickness, etc.
Week 2 Pain after TKR, CPB Prime Additives, ABG Temperature Effect, Spinal Anesthesia Contraindications/Level/Backache, etc.
Week 3 Blood Brain Barrier Fluid Transfer, Catheter-Related Sepsis, Resuscitation Fluid, Weaning from Ventilator, etc.
Week 4 Retro vs Periobulbar Block, LE Fracture: Tourniquet Management, Anticoagulant Effects on PT/PTT, etc.
Week 5 Barbituates Pharmacokinetics in the Elderly, ECT Anesthetic Drug Selection, Tumescent Liposuction: Complications, etc.
Week 6 Office-Based Anesthesia Requirements, Pediatric ETT size, Emergence Delirium in Children, Neonatal Myasthenia Gravis, etc.
Week 7 Geriatrics, Volume Status Monitoring, CO2 Rebreathing Circle System, Turbulent Gas Flow, t-Test Indications, etc.
Week 8 Difficult Airway Althorithm, Colloid Administration Complications, POCD Predictors, Bariatric Surgery Complications, etc.
Week 9 Fibromyalgia Tender Point, Neonatal Cyanosis, Fontan Single Ventricle Physiology, Goal-Directed Therapy: Sepsis, etc.
Week 10 Laser-Resistant ETT, Needle Stick Post Exposure Prophylaxis, Mg Toxicity, Pediatric Sedation: AW Management, etc.
Week 11 Retinal Detachment: Gas Bubble, Jet Ventilation Complications, Tourniquet Metabolic Effects, Amiodarone Toxicity, etc.
Week 12 Cardiomyopathy, Dexmedetomidine CNS Effets, Digoxin Toxicity, Hepatic Arterial Buffer Response, HPV Inhibition, etc.
Week 13 HPV Inhibition by Drugs, Laryngoscopic View grading, Liver Transplant Etiology, Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis, etc.
Week 14 Pons Injury, Minimally Invasive CABG: OLV, Causes of Fade, Vasopressin Secretion, Vasopressin in Acidosis, etc.
Week 15 Donor Hepatectomy: INR Elevation Management, Multivariate Regression, Valve Gradient: Effect of CO, etc.
Week 16 TRALI Mechanisms, Rhabdomyolysis vs Hemolysis, Gullain Barre: Resp Effects, Sarin Exposure, Exercise-Induced Hypoxia, etc.
Week 17 Treatment Uremia-Induced Bleeding, Hyperphosphatemia Effects, Abciximab Mechanisms, Phase 2 Block, etc.
Week 18 Sevo in Iso Vaporizer, Link=25 Anesthesia Machine, TPN: Excessive Calories, DDx Shock After Trauma, etc.
Week 19 CNS Effects of Bicarbonate, Boyles Law: Ideal Gas, Cleft Lip Repair: Postop Analgesia, Static PV Curve: Hysteresis, etc.
Week 20 Thoracic Epidural Effets, Accurate Measurement of PCWP, Primary Polycythemia, AED Function, Ranitidine Effects, etc.
Week 21 Disclosure to Reasonable Person, PSV Trigger, Pseudoaddiction vs Addiction, Clostridium Difficile Infection, etc.
Week 22 Spinal Dysraphism, Remifentanil Infant vs Adult, Electrical Safety Microshock, NO Toxicity, Medicare Billing, etc.
Week 23 Subarachnoid Bleed: ECG Effect, Principles of B-Mode Echo, Effects of Bleomycin, Flumazenil Half-Life, etc
Week 24 Mechanism Acetaminophen, Newborn Hematologic Values, Succinylcholine Bradycardia, Hyperaldosteronism Rx, etc.
Week 25 Ammnonia CNS signs, Safety Practice and Fatigue, Causes of Error in ABG, Type 1 von Willebrand Dz: Rx, etc.

Anesthesia Potpourri 2


anesthesia-potpourri-beveled-62x62 Beginning Feb 2018, the Anesthesia Potpourri 2 will be held live online, semi-weekly. Sessions will cover topics relevant to the ABA OSCE exam as well as commonly missed key words. $495 per Individual, $295 per Individual with Group (Academic) Discount. All sessions will be recorded for later review. Please note that date, times, and exact topics are subject to change.


2/4/18 Communication and Professionalism: Informed Consent, Treatment Options, Peri-procedural Complications, Ethical Issues, Communication with Other Professionals, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement.
2/11/18 Technical Skills: Monitors (ECG, AL, CVP, PAC, CO, MvO2, SpO2, ETCO2, Air Flow, TV, RR, FVL, Temp), Perioperative Cardiac/Respiratory Events, Perioperative Emergencies, Ventilation Modes.
2/18/18 Technical Skills: Echocardiography: 11 Basic Views (ME 4C, ME 2C, ME LAX, ME Asc Ao LAX, ME Asc Ao SAX, ME Ao SAX, ME RVI/O, ME BC, TC MP SAX, Desc Ao SAX, Sec Ao LAX), Conditions (Biventricular Function and Wall Motion, ASD, Volume and Response to Rx, Pulmonary Emboli, Air Emboli, Basic Valve Lesions, Pericardial Effusions, Ao Diss).
2/25/18 Ultrasonography: Vascular Cannulation (IJ, Cubital Fossa Veins, Radial Artery, Femoral Vessels), Nerve Blocks (Interscalene, Supraclavicular, TAP, Femoral, Adductor Canal, Popliteal).
3/11/18 Statistics 1: Descriptive: Nominal Data (Proportions, Tables, Bar Charts, EER, CER, RR, OR, ARR, RRR, NNT), Ordinal Data, Numerical Data (Mean, Mode, Median, Distributions, SD, SE, CI, Tables, Graphs).
3/26/18 Statistics 2: Inferential: Nominal (Fisher’s Exact, Chi-Square), Numerical (Student’s t, Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon Rank Sum, ANOVA, Kruskall-Wallis), Error Types, Power Analysis, Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, NPV, ROC, Regression, Correlation, Bias, Confounding, Rule of 3s, Bland- Altman).
4/1/18 Machine: Vaporizers, N2O, MRI, Radiation Exposure, Pneumoperitoneum, etc.
4/15/18 Pharm: Neostigmine, AChEI Poisoning, Cn Toxicity, Dig Toxicity, Vasopressin, Opioids, etc.
4/29/18 Neuro: Pons Injury, ECT Duration, Bainbridge Reflex, Ocular Surgery, etc.
5/13/18 NM Diseases, NM Blockade, NM Monitoring, Postjunctional Receptors, etc.
5/27/18 Resp: Laryngx Anatomy, ARDS, HPV, OLV, Pulmonary HTN, Laser ETTs, AW Reactivity, etc.
6/3/18 Cardiology: CEID (PM, ICD), Shock States, Hemodynamic Calculations, Periop MI, etc.
6/24/18 Liver/Renal: Hepatic BF, Liver Dysfunction, Hyperbilirubinemia, HPS, etc.
7/1/18 Fluids/Blood: HypoK, Met Alkalosis, Anemia, FFP, Leukoreduction, Hemophilia, etc.
7/8/18 Endo: Steroids, Aldosterone, DM Neuropathy, Carcinoid, Thyroid, Hyperparathyroidism, etc.
7/15/18 Organ Ischemic Times, Substance Abuse, Near Drowning, PONV, Tumescent Surg, etc.


Free Attendance to the following Online Mock Oral Case Discussions!

2/1/18 A 26-year-old female is scheduled for thyroidectomy of a large thyroid mass. The patient has a history of palpitations, weakness, weight loss, hypertension, and schizophrenia. She is taking hydrochlorothiazide, haloperidol, and fluoxetine. ECG shows long QT.
2/7/18 A 33-year-old female is scheduled for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. She is 24-weeks pregnant and has a history of asthma. Medications include prednisone, alupent, ipatropium, and multivitamins with iron.
2/15/18 A 6-year-old male is scheduled for emergency open reduction, internal fixation of an open femur fracture. The patient has a 75% total body burn from a house fire. HR 120, BP 58/36, R 26, T 36.8C. He has singed nasal hairs and decreased breath sounds on the left. ABG: pH 7.22, PaCO2 34, PaO2 89 on 2L NC.
2/22/18 A 32-year-old female is scheduled for cadaveric renal transplant. She has a history of sickle cell anemia. Physical exam is remarkable for a small chin. Her medications include lisinopril, atenolol, hydroxyurea, MS contin, and ibuprofen. Hg 6.5.

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