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  • Testimonial

    Makes me a better Consultant…Thank-U!

    Galina Borodulina, M.D. , Brooklyn, NY

    The course is a must for all candidates. Great cases on major disease states, many controversial topics explained through discussions, live public exams for volunteers, private exams with feedback. Dr. Ho has great personal stories, comic relief moments, and knowledge about content and exam structure. The Consultant Approach makes sense… makes me a better Consultant! I loved the weekly emailed updates – extra cases with written explanations allow me to practice over and over. And I love the CamClubs! Can we have more? I was once blind, but now I see – do not go into the oral boards blind! Thank-U!

  • Testimonial

    Thank you Dr. Ho!!!

    Diane Havalda, M.D., San Antonio, TX

    Dr. Ho, your course and Oral Board prep resources were an integral part in my passing the Oral Board the first time. As a busy mom and a busy life working full time, I didn't have time to waste or much time to study. Your resources made every bit of study time effective. I did the 4-Day Course four months before the exam, and then I retook the 4-Day the weekend before my test. I also did 10 practice exams with you and your examiners. Between the two courses, I did most of the CamClubs and used the book as a reference. I didn't have much time to study outside of what I got from the course and Cam Club. Yet I was completely prepared for anything they could have given me. Additionally, it has changed the way I practice. I feel like you give me the confidence that I never had after finishing residency.  I am now a person the surgeons actually come to for patient management and direction!!!  Thank you Dr. Ho!!!

  • Testimonial

    …All earned a 10/10!

    Jessica Jajosky, M.D, Morgantown, WV

    The course was extremely thorough and had a great diversity of cases and questions. I really benefited from seeing the method of how to answer the questions using the essential information. I feel like I now know what to expect and am more confident for my exam. Dr. Ho, the course, and his examiners all earned a 10/10!

  • Testimonial

    Well worth my time and money…

    Angie Franco, M.D., Granger, IN

    The 6-day course is exactly what I was looking for – real teaching in the medicine of Anesthesiology, strategies to break down a case and predict questions, and practice speaking. It was more than I expected though – Dr. Ho offered real life stories, examples that made content memorable and made us laugh, and also bits of just strong philosophy and inspiration.  This course produces consultants. The consultant approach is EXCELLENT.  This is why I choose this over others. It was well worth my time and money.