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Phone Mocks with Dr. Ho
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Dr. Michael Ho

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With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ho has given more mock exams for the Oral Board in Anesthesiology than anyone else in the country. His tests are fast-paced and challenging, simulating worst-cases scenarios. At the same time, his feedback is fair and honest, his take-home messages clear, and his ultimate goal simple: to bring out the best in each candidate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Flexible and Adaptable

Dr. Ho tailors his testing approach to every candidate’s specific needs. Common problems – knowledge, nervousness, and barriers to confident communication – are quickly identified and targeted through a series of time-tested exams and exercises. Dozens of candidates who have failed repeatedly have finally been able to pass with his expert guidance.

A 55-yo is scheduled for a thoracoabdominal esophagectomy for esophageal cancer.  A bruit is heard on exam.
A 32-yo male with a FH of MH is scheduled for laparascopic resection of a pheochromocytoma.
A 10-yo male is scheduled for umbilical hernia repair.  He has DMD, an ICD, and a long QT interval on ECG.
A 13-yo male with HgSS is scheduled for resection of a pituitary adenoma.
A 5-yo with Down syndrome and asthma is scheduled for removal of a foreign body from the right eye.  He just ate lunch.
A 67-yo female, 100 kg female is scheduled for resection of a large brain tumor in the sitting position.
A 40-yo male is scheduled for UPPP for OSA.  He refuses an awake intubation.
A 20-yo victim of a GSW to the chest and abdomen arrives with a BP of 80/40.  His left pupil is dilated.
A 30-yo G2P1 female with HOCM who received a prior C/S  requests a labor epidural.

…and hundreds more

Whether you are just getting started, need more motivation, or just want the ultimate in challenging exam experiences, private phone mock exams with Dr. Ho is your best solution. Phone Mock Orals with Dr. Ho come as part of the Multimodal Guaranteed Plan or can be purchased separately for $230 each.



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