Anesthesia Boot Camp

Intense Additional Topic communication workshop

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Good communication and the ability to think on your feet are the hallmarks of effective Consultation. Yet the ability to speak and perform under stress is often ignored in the rush to acquire knowledge. The Anesthesia Boot Camp is specifically designed to balance both performance and learning. Through a series of high-intensity drills, mini-lectures, and structured exercises, the ABC explores the secrets of effective communication while revealing a legion of idealized Additional Topic answers.

Breaking It Down

The ABC breaks down Consultation into its 4 basic elements of Consultation – Knowledge, Judgment, Adaptability, and Communication. Such a strategy allows more accurate identification and correction of errors in thinking, speaking and performance. The intense, fast-paced, rapid-fire nature of the course allows participants to become accustomed to the pace and rigors of the Oral Board exam, replacing stress and anxiety with confidence and composure.

Course Details

The ABC comes can be purchased and attended separately for $1,395 or free as part of the 321 Simulation Course or 321 Simulation Course Multimodal Guaranteed Plan.

Schedule for 2023:

Temporarily on hold due to COVID Houston, TX


Course Highlights

  • Totally Realistic Testing Environment!
  • Only course that offers a 2:1 Examiner:Candidate Ratio!
  • Case Dissection.
  • Application/Judgment.
  • Anticipation/Adaptability.
  • Ambiguity.
  • Priorities/Conflicts.
  • Communication/Confidence/Professionalism.
  • The Key to Consultation: Knowledge.


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Anesthesia Boot Camp
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Dr. Michael Ho
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