30 Important Anesthesia Oral Board FAQs

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1. Tell me about your program.

    Anesthesiology Consultants is a comprehensive educational program that emphasizes the Consultant Approach to learning anesthesia and perioperative medicine. Although most program participants enroll to pass their anesthesia Boards, we also provide educational services to individuals and residencies seeking to enhance their understanding and expertise in anesthesiology, critical care, and medicine.

2. What is your approach to passing the Boards?

    Our philosophy has been that the best way to pass the Boards is to become a Perioperative Consultant. Done properly, studying for the boards with our Consultant Approach not only helps you pass the test. It also boosts your self-confidence, enhances your professional standing, and improves your ability to deliver perioperative patient care.

3. What meant by the “Consultant Approach?”

    It describes an approach to practicing perioperative anesthetic medicine that emphasizes the 4 essential attributes of:
    • (1) Knowledge
      (2) Judgment
      (3) Adaptability
      (4) Communication.
    Anesthesiologists are not intraoperative technicians; we are Perioperative Consultants. Everything we do in our program, including our emphasis on the 4 essential attributes, supports and reinforces that multifaceted role.

4. That sounds obvious. Don’t all courses teach this way?

    Unfortunately not. Most do not mention the idea of Consultation at all, or if they do, allude it only in passing without truly understanding how it applies in Board preparation. Becoming a Perioperative Consultants should be the primary goal of preparation, and helping candidates do so has been our priority from day one (hence, our company name).

5. What is your Multimodal Guaranteed Plan?

    Simply stated, it is the most effective way to guarantee your transition to a Perioperative Consultant in preparation for the Oral Boards. In a multi-pronged strategy of gaining mastery of anesthesia and perioperative medicine, registrants receive:
    • (1) Attendance to an Onsite Course (6-day, 4-day, or 321)
      (2) Access to our Learn-at-Home Video Library
      (3) Online WebMock Exams
      (4) PhoneMocks with Dr. Ho
      (5) Our Textbook
      (6) Other amenities (eMailed Cases/Answers, Daily Textoid, MOPS, Study Buddy Plus)
      (7) Dr. Ho’s personal guidance, instruction, and availability for questions
    Becoming a Perioperative Consultant takes time and hard work. There are no gimmicks, short-cuts, or quick-fixes. Our Multimodal Guaranteed Plan makes sure you get to where you need to be in the most efficient and effective way possible.

6. Should I take a Guaranteed Plan or pay for a course and WebMocks to a la carte?

    We usually recommend a Guaranteed Plan as the most efficient approach. Since the Oral Exam tests multiple facets of a candidate’s abilities, candidates need to be multifaceted in their preparation. The Multimodal Guaranteed Plan combines course, text, video library, practice, and expert feedback into a single turnkey solutio. It provides simplicity, structure, and results. Besides, by bundling all course elements, you get a cost savings of over 40%!

7. Which Guaranteed Plan should I take?

    That depends.
  • 6-Day: Because the 6-Day Ultimate Review is our flagship course and is included in the 6-Day Guaranteed Plan, we usually recommend that plan as the most effective choice.
  • 4-Day: Our 4-Day Crash course, which comes with the 4-Day Guaranteed Plan, is the next best option. It contains the same essential information as our 6-Day course presented in a more condensed manner, with slightly less peer-to-peer interaction.
  • 321: For those who place a premium on speaking and communication, the 321 Guaranteed Plan, which includes the 321 Simulation Course, may be the best alternative. Each 321 course includes 6 strikingly realistic test scenarios, each with 2 examiners per room. Registrants also have access to the 321 course recordings and free attendance to the Anesthesia Boot Camp, which is held the 2 days before each 321 course. The Boot Camp is a fast-paced, 2-day intense practice session covering dozens of realistic additional topic questions.

8. What if I am unable to attend a live course?

    You can take the 6-Day Guaranteed Recording Plan. The plan includes recordings of the 6-Day Ultimate Review course, which are accessible via our Video Library. In addition, registrants receive the same course Text, workbook, Video Library access, WebMocks (8 total), PhoneMocks (4 total), MOPS course, eMailed Cases, Daily Textoid, and Study Buddy Plus Program that comes with the regular Guaranteed Plan (minus the 4 exam you would have received onsite). Some people actually prefer this option because it allows online review of lecture material at their leisure.

9. Can I purchase the 6-Day Ultimate Review recordings if I attended the live course?

    Yes, please call for details (800-772-1242).

10. How many mock oral exams do I get with the Guaranteed Plans?

  • 4-Day GP: 14 (3 PhoneMocks, 4 Onsite Mocks, 7 Webmocks)
  • 6-Day GP: 16 (4 PhoneMocks, 4 Onsite Mocks, 8 Webmocks)
  • 321-GP: 18 (4 PhoneMocks, 6 Onsite Mocks, 8 Webmocks)

11. How much are your Web- and PhoneMocks?

    Additional WebMocks with our expert faculty or PhoneMocks with Dr. Ho can be purchased for:
  • 1 Exam $150
  • 4 Exams $560 ($140 each)
  • 8 Exams $1,040 ($130 each)
  • 16 Exams $2,000 ($125 each)
  • 25 Exams $3,000 ($120 each)
    Mock Orals arranged with other candidates (via Study Buddy Plus program, which is part of the Guaranteed Plan).

12. How many WebMocks should I take before my exam?

    Everyone is different, but in general, we recommend at least 20-30. Obviously, some get by with less, others require more. You can tell if you are getting enough if you seem to be passing your most recent exams given by experienced examiners (as opposed to well-intended friends or colleagues).

13. Tell me about your OSCE Course.

    The OSCE Onsite and Online (Triple O) course is a comprehensive review of all components of the OSCE part of the ABA Applied Exam. Candidates are allowed to attend both a 2-day Onsite course as well as 10 Online sessions, which begin in 2018. These sessions will be recorded for review in our Anesthesia Library. Topics to be covered include:
    • (1) Informed Consent
      (2) Treatment Options
      (3) Peri-procedural Complications
      (4) Ethical Issues
      (5) Communication with Other Professionals
      (6) Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
      (7) Interpretation of Perioperative Monitors
      (8) Interpretation of Basic Echocardiograms
      (9) Perioperative Ultrasonography

14. Is there a discount for your OSCE course?

    Yes, the OSCE Onsite and Online (Triple O) course can be obtained at a group rate for residency programs. Please call for details (800-772-1242).

15. What is your approach to the Written Boards?

    Our Essential Writtens Board Course consists of a series of multiple-choice questions meticulously analyzed and thoroughly discussed via recorded presentations. Difficult concepts such as electrical safety, anesthesia machine, CPB, coagulation medicine are made easy to understand and remember through a series of lucid explanations and vivid figures, diagrams and images. All ABA keywords are broken down and covered as:
  • Basic Topics (28 sessions)
  • Advanced Topics (34 sessions)
  • Potpourri of Advanced Topics (24 sessions)
    Hundreds of residents and practitioners have claimed the Essential Written Board Review allowed them to finally grasp topics they were unable to comprehend and was instrumental to their passing.

16. How many on-site Oral Board courses do you offer?

    We offer six Live, On-Site Courses:
    • (1) The 6-Day Ultimate Review
      (2) The 4-Day Crash Course
      (3) The 2-Day Regular Weekend Course
      (4) The Mock Oral Practice Sessions (MOPS)
      (5) The 3:2:1 Simulation Course
      (6) Anesthesia Boot Camp (ABC)

17. Tell me about your 6-Day Ultimate Review.

    Because of its unrivaled breadth, depth, and scope, the 6-Day Ultimate Review has become our flagship and most highly attended course. Less time-pressured than our 4-Day Crash Course, the 6-Day course allows time for assimilation, practice, reinforcement, and review. Candidates gain lasting improvements in both knowledge and speaking ability – a paradigm shift in the way they perform. There is no more systematic and comprehensive a review anywhere, and no better way to hone your Consultants skills, whatever your level of preparation.

18. Tell me about your 4-Day Crash Course.

    Offered in the 4 days before Boards week, the 4-Day Crash Course is a fast-paced, dynamic, comprehensive review of all major and minor Oral Board topics and case scenarios. Although no replacement for thorough prior preparation, when time is of the essence, nothing is more efficient, intense, or effective. Over the past 20 years, thousands of candidates have found this whirlwind tour of perioperative medicine their key to success.

19. Tell me about your 2-Day Essential Review.

    A quintessential introduction to the Essential Attributes of a Consultant, the 2-Day Essential Review is our most basic and important introductory course. Because it so effectively illustrates the importance of Knowledge, Judgment, Adaptability, and Communication in Consultant-level performance, we recommend taking it as early as possible.

20. Tell me about your 3:2:1 Simulation Course.

    The 3:2:1 Simulation Course is the only course in which all exams are 2-on-1 – two examiners with one candidate – making it the most authentic Oral Board experience possible. Over a span of 3 days, each candidate will take 6 complete exams and observe 12 others. Each class size is always exactly 5: 3 candidates working closely with 2 examiners, the smallest student:teacher ratio anywhere. The 3:2:1 Course is most unique, personalized, and realistic experience available. All courses come with recorded answers and free attendance to the Anesthesia Boot Camp (ABC).

21. Tell me about your Mock Oral Practice Session (MOPS).

    Our MOPS is the best way to quickly optimize your performance in one day. Considered by many the best part of our program, this online experiences is a fast-paced review of 7 cases, 21 additional topics, and over 100 key topics. Through instructor and peer-to-peer exams, MOPS desensitizes you to the stress of public speaking while covering vital information. Sign up for all 3 sets (A-C) to maximize your critical mass of case familiarity. Attendance to one MOPS course comes free as part of the Guaranteed Plan.

22. Tell me about the Anesthesia Boot Camp.

    Our Anesthesia Boot Camp (ABC) is dedicated exclusively to Additional Topics, a major part of the Board that comprises almost a third of your grade, yet is often overlooked in preparation. Through 2 days of rapid-fire questioning and intense review, candidates become adept at clear communication while gaining valuable pearls of knowledge. Learn to respond to Additional Topics questions with clarity, confidence, and Consultant-level expertise. The ABC precedes every 3:2:1 Simulation Course, and is free to all 3:2:1 course and 321 Guaranteed Plan registrants.

23. What is your Learn-at-Home Program?

    It is a home-learning module that brings advanced educational content to the convenience of your home via our Video Library. The Program includes:
    • (1) CamClub (CC) – 25 Lectures on Essential Topics
      (2) Oral Board Online (OBO) – 9 High-Yield Cases
      (3) Oral Case Discussion (OCD) – 8 High-Yield Cases
    Altogether, the LAH program contains 75 hours of high-yield instruction, sure to dramatically enhance your level of preparation. It can be obtained separately can comes as part of a Guaranteed Plan.

24. Can you tell me about your text?

    The text contains over 700 pages of essential Consultant-level information followed by questions and suggested responses to reinforce understanding and learning. It is an encyclopedic compendium of primary literature, review articles, textbook information, clinical experience, consultation with experts, and personal insight and experience. Praised as the de facto gold standard for Oral Board preparation, candidates have said that practically every question on the test was covered in the book. It can be purchased separately and is included with all 2D, 4D, 6D, and 321 Courses and Guaranteed Plans.

25. What is The Daily Textoid?

    The Daily Textoid is a daily text message about a clinically relevant, frequently asked Boards topic. It helps make sure you learn at least one important Board-related topic every day.

26. Is there any point in attending a repeat or new 4-Day Course right before the Boards?

    Potentially. The amount of Consultant-level information required for the Oral Boards is vast and difficult to master. Even though one may have taken a previous course (even a prior 4-Day Course), those who have taken a repeat class have said it was the last-minute review that finally gave them true understanding and the confidence to pass. Pro-rated attendance (ie, 1, 2, or 3-days) is possible.

27. Besides taking a Guaranteed Plan, are there any other course discounts?

    Yes, the more WebMocks you buy, the cheaper they become (see question #11 above). In addition, a $200 discount is provided for each second On-Site Course you take. Please call for details (800-772-1242).

28. Should I just memorize the sample answers provided?

    No. Sample responses are merely provided as examples of how one might respond. They are not intended as rote answers. When the time comes, your responses should reflect your own Consultant-level opinion and context of the question. In addition, Oral Board case scenarios change quickly, assessing your ability to think on your feet and adapt to rapidly changing scenarios. Memorized responses fall woefully short.

29. What type of candidate should enroll in your program?

    Anyone who:
  • Has not been adequately exposed to the Oral Boards or the idea of Perioperative Consultation.
  • Has significant gaps in knowledge, especially on complex and controversial topics.
  • Is not a natural, comfortable public speaker.
  • Is afraid of confrontation or unused to defending a position.
  • Does not have the time, energy, or resources to adequately practice and prepare on your own.
  • Has failed previously and does not wish to fail again.
  • Simply wishes to better understand Perioperative Medicine.

30. In review, what is unique about your program?

    Our program is unique in that it:
  • Takes a Consultant Approach to Boards preparation and learning Perioperative Medicine.
  • Offers a Multimodal Plan that includes a comprehensive Onsite Course, extensive Video Library, and oral exams with Consultant-level feedback.
  • Teaches important concepts in a way that is easy to understand, easy to remember, with information that is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Offers a personalized plan to guide, track, and ensure your ultimate success.
    Over the past 20 years, hundreds of candidates who have failed with other courses have finally passed after taking our program and adopting the Consultant Approach.

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