30 Important Anesthesia Oral Board FAQs

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1. Tell me about your course.

    The Essential Oral Board Review is a comprehensive Oral Board review course that emphasizes the Consultant approach to passing the Oral Board Exam. Our philosophy is that the best way to pass the Boards is to become a Perioperative Consultant. Done properly, studying for the Orals not only helps you pass the test, it also boosts self-confidence, enhances professional standing, and improves your ability to deliver patient care.

2. How is it different from other courses?

  • First, we promote the Consultant approach to study and preparation. It is more important to become a good physician than to pass the test. By no coincidence, achieving one achieves the other.
  • Second, our course comes with a comprehensive 700-page textbook written specifically for the Oral Boards and praised by many as the best single text for the Orals available.
  • Third, with over 20-years experience, Dr. Ho’s understanding of the perioperative medicine and dynamic teaching style provides an unrivaled review of anesthesia. His unique way of explaining complex material makes even the most difficult concepts easy to understand, remember, and use in your test and practice.
  • Fouth, through our Learn-at-Home Program, Mock Orals, MOPS, and other Multimodal offerings, we make education a continual process both before and after the course, delivered to the convenience of your own home.
  • Finally, we genuinely care about each and every one of our candidates. Dr. Ho and all our instructors are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to helping you become a Perioperative Consultant as the best way to pass.

3. What specifically is the “Consultant Approach?”

    It describes an approach of perioperative anesthetic care that emphasizes acquiring the 4 essential attributes of Knowledge, Judgment, Adaptability, and Communication. Physician anesthesiologists are not intraoperative technicians; we are Perioperative Consultants. Everything we do at AnConsultants, including emphasizing the 4 essential attributes, supports and reinforces that multifaceted role in patient care.

4. That sounds obvious. Don’t all courses teach this way?

    Unfortunately not. Most don’t mention the idea of Consultation at all, or if they do, allude it as a goal without truly understanding how it applies in Board preparation. But at Anesthesiology Consultants, making physicians Perioperative Consultants has been our primary goal since day one (hence, our company name). And we are proud to say we have beend doing so with expertise, efficiency, and unrivaled success for the past 20 years.

5. Do I really need to take a course at all?

    That depends. For those who have a solid knowledge base, were adequately exposed to the Oral Boards during residency, and are adept at public speaking, independent study may be all that is needed. However, our courses might help if you:
  • Were not adequately exposed to the Oral Boards or Perioperative Consultation during residency.
  • Do not have a firm command of knowledge, especially complex and controversial “hot topics.”
  • Are not a natural, comfortable public speaker.
  • Are afraid of confrontation or having to defend your position.
  • Do not have the time, energy, resources to adequately practice and prepare on your own.
  • Have failed previously and do not wish to fail again.

6. I’ve failed many times and taken many courses. Why should I take yours?

    Other courses do not:
  • Take a Consultant Approach to understanding, relying instead on rote and memorization.
  • Include our accompanying comprehensive text.
  • Convey information with the same clarity, quality, and credibility of Dr. Ho.
  • Have our level of experience, understanding, and track record of success.
  • Offer a Multimodal approach to learning.
    Over the years, hundreds of candidates who have failed with other courses finally passed after taking our course and adopting the Consultant Approach.

7. How many different on-site courses do you offer?

We offer six Live, On-Site Courses:

    (1) The 6-Day Ultimate Review
    (2) The 4-Day Crash Course
    (3) The 2-Day Regular Weekend Course
    (4) The Mock Oral Practice Sessions (MOPS)
    (5) The 3:2:1 Simulation Course
    (6) Anesthesia Boot Camp (ABC)

8. Tell me about your 6-Day Ultimate Review.

    Because of its unparalleled depth and scope, the 6-Day Ultimate Review has become our flagship and most highly attended course. Less time-pressured than our 4-Day Crash Course, the 6-day course allows time for assimilation, practice, reinforcement, and review. Candidates gain lasting improvements in both knowledge and speaking ability, a paradigm shift in the way they perform. There is no more systematic and comprehensive a review anywhere, and no better way to hone your performance, whatever your level of preparation.

9. Tell me about your 4-Day Crash Course.

    Offered in the 4 days before Boards week, the 4-Day Crash Course is a fast-paced, dynamic, comprehensive review of all major and minor Oral Board topics and case scenarios. Although no replacement for thorough prior preparation, when time is of the essence, nothing is more efficient, intense, or effective. Candidates have found this whirlwind tour of perioperative medicine an invaluable key to passing.

10. Tell me about your 2-Day Essential Review.

    A quintessential introduction to the Essential Attributes of a Consultant, the 2-Day Essential Review is our most basic and important introductory course. Because it so effectively illustrates the importance of Knowledge, Judgment, Adaptability, and Communication in Consultant-level performance, we recommend taking it as early as possible. Make sure your first step to passing is in the right direction: towards that of becoming a Perioperative Consultant.

11. Tell me about your Mock Oral Practice Session (MOPS).

    Our MOPS makes sure you maximize your performance the day(s) before your exam. Through a review of 7 cases, 21 additional topics, and over 100 key topics, we desensitize you to the stress of public speaking via both instructor-given and peer-to-peer exams while reviewing key information. Classes are held either on-site or online. MOPS is the most important step in last-minute preparation you could take.

12. Tell us about you 3:2:1 Simulation Course.

    The 3:2:1 Simulation Course is the only course in which all exams are 2-on-1 – two examiners with one candidate – making it the most authentic Oral Board experience possible. Over a span of 3 days, each candidate will take 6 complete exams and observe 12 others. Class size is always in 3 candidates and 2 examiners, the smallest student:teacher ratio anywhere. The most unique, personalized, and realistic experience available. All courses come with recorded answers and free attendance to the Anesthesia Boot Camp (ABC).

13. Tell me about the Anesthesia Boot Camp.

    Our Anesthesia Boot Camp (ABC) is dedicated exclusively to Additional Topics – a part of your exam that comprises almost a third of your grade, yet is often forgotten in preparation. Through 2 days of rapid-fire questioning and intense review, candidates become adept at clear communication while gaining vital knowledge and self-confidence. Learn to answer Additional Topics with clarity, confidence, and Consultant-level expertise. Preceding every 3:2:1 Simulation Course, the ABC is free to all 3:2:1 registrants.

14. What do you mean by a Multimodal Approach?

    It is the idea that preparation for the Boards is not just book study, as with the Writtens. It is study combined with discussion, testing, online learning – all with an emphasis on Perioperative Consultation. Our 4 Multimodal components are:
      (1) On-Site Course
      (2) Learn-at-Home Program
      (3) Mock Oral Exams
      (4) Last-Minute Mock Oral Practice Session

15. What is your 4-Part Guaranteed Plan?

    It combines all 4 Multimodal elements of our courses – On-Site Courses, Learn-at-Home Program, Mock Orals, and MOPs – and more – into one comprehensive package that maximizes your chances passing your next try. And we do so with a large number of Mock Oral Exams – an incredibly value with the lowest price/exam anywhere. The success rate for those completing the program exceeds 90%.
    If you (1) Take one our 321, 4D, or 6D courses, (2) Master the information in the Learn-at-Home Program, (3) Take the numerous included Mock Oral exams, and (4) Participate in the MOPS, we guarantee you will pass, or consider any part of our Learn-at-Home Program for free until you do.

16. Why do your 4-Part Guaranteed Plans contain so many mock oral exams?

    Because passing the Oral Boards is not just about learning facts, they are about putting those facts to work by expressing your concerns, defending your position, and taking perioperative patient care. There is no better way to do so that taking as many mock orals as you can. Thus, our 4D-, 6D- and 321-Guaranteed Programs come with 14, 16, and 18 Total Mock Oral exams, respectively, given by our team of expert course examiners. We have purposely loaded our Guaranteed Programs with affordable quality exams so you will take as many as possible. When it comes to guaranteeing success, there is no such thing as too much practice.

17. What is your Learn-at-Home Program?

    It is a home learning module that brings learning to the convenience of your home via recorded class sessions. The Program includes:
      (1) CamClub (CC)
      (2) Oral Board Online (OBO)
      (3) Oral Case Discussion (OCD)
    Altogether, it’s 75 hours of high-yield instruction, which, if completed, will have a tremendous impact in guaranteeing your success.

18. What is the CamClub?

        The CamClub is a series of highly-engaging, interactive webinars in which Dr. Ho conducts a case-based tour of critically important Oral Board topics. In its 40-hour of recorded instruction, candidates are exposed to a wealth of clinical pearls and insightful information essential for both the Boards and everyday practice. Over the years, the CamClub has become our most popular on-line produce for one simple reason – it works! Part of the Learn-at-Home Program.

19. What is the Oral Board Online (OBO)?

        The Oral Boards Online is a series of webinars designed to break illustrate Consultant-level thinking through a series of Stem Question discussions and Additional Topic reviews. Learn exactly how the Consultant attributes applies to case dissection, patient management, and Boards performance. Hugely popular and highly effective. Part of the Learn-at-Home Program.

20. What is the Oral Case Discussion (OCD)?

        The Oral Case Discussions is a collection of 8 extremely challenging yet totally realistic Stem Questions that continue to build your critical mass of case familiarity. We recommend you take the tests with a colleague, view the recorded answers, and take the test again until your performance is perfect. Used as a tool for modeling Consultant-level thinking and communication, the OCD is the perfect tool for self-guided or partnered home-study. Part of the Learn-at-Home Program.

21. What Mock Oral testing options do you have?

    For candidates taking any On-Site Course:
      (1) Webmocks with our expert examiners ($150/one, $560/four, $1,040/eight)
      (2) Phone Mocks with Dr. Ho ($150 each)
      (3) Study Buddy Plus+ (guided tests with recorded answers).
    All our examiners are experienced clinicians dedicated to and highly skilled at helping you pass your next attempt.

22. Your Mock Orals are over $100 less than other courses. How can you sell them so cheaply?

        Because we place your passing over our profit. For a performance-based test like the Oral Boards, the importance of practice and modeling cannot be overemphasized. We believe making Mock Oral exams widely affordable is a service we must provide to justify our claim of being comprehensive program. It is part our 4-Part Multimodal Plan and best attempt to guarantee you pass.

23. What is the difference between Study Buddy and Study Buddy Plus+?

        Study Buddy program allows all course participants to connect with one another to give each other online, phone, or in-person exams. The Study Buddy Plus+ program allows you to do the same through a structured series of exams, each with recorded answers available for modeled responses and a greater depth of understanding. It’s all part of our goal of maximizing both practice with quality knowledge.

24. I've heard a lot about your text. Can you tell me more?

        The text contains over 700 pages of invaluable Consultant-level information followed by questions and suggested responses to reinforce understanding and learning. Included with all our 2D, 4D, 6D, and 321 Courses, it is a laboriously assembled compendium of textbook information, review articles, primary literature, clinical experience, consultation with experts, and Dr. Ho’s personal experience and insights. Praised as the de facto gold standard for Oral Board preparation, candidates have said that practically every question on the test was contained in the book. And although we would not advocate doing so, many candidates have succeeded by reading only the text.

25. Should I just memorize the sample answers provided?

        Absolutely not. The sample responses are provided as examples of how one might answers. But it would be a mistake to think you could pass a test designed to test Consultant skills by memorizing a set of rote responses. Instead, you should use the sample responses to help understand how Boards answers can be given, remembering that your responses must reflect your own opinion and relate to the context of the question. Plus, Oral Board cases change rapidly, testing your adaptability. You must learn to think on your feet with practice and instruction, not memorize mindlessly.

26. What is The Daily Textoid?

        The Daily Textoid is a daily text message about a clinically relevant, frequently asked Boards topic. Especially useful when you are busy or on call, it allows you to learn at least one important new fact each day.

27. How can I make sure I perform at my absolute best on the day of the test?

        Our Mock Oral Practice Sessions (MOPS) are specifically designed to optimize your speaking, thinking, and communication skills the day(s) right before your exam. Held during Boards week on-site or online, these performance-based classes offer the opportunity to practice speaking while reinforcing key concepts. Tests are given by examiners and peer-to-peer. As one candidate put it, “I didn’t want to jump out of a plane without a parachute – MOPS was my parachute.”

28. I've already attended a 2D or 6D-Course. Is there any point in attending a 4D-Crash-Course right before the Boards?

        Yes. The 2D course is not comprehensive and the information contained in the 6D course is vast. Thus, taking an additional 4D-Crash Course review is a common strategy for who want to complete/solidify their knowledge base and obtain last-minute practice.

29. Besides the 4-Part Guaranteed Plan, are there any other course discounts?

        Yes, the more WebMocks you buy, the cheaper they become. In addition, a $200 discount is provided for each second On-Site Course you take. Feel free to inquire anytime.

30. Unfortunately, I failed. What now?

        First, do not panic. It’s not the end of the world. Even the best of us sometimes fail. Take a deep breath, recuperate, and when you’re ready, give us a call. We will meticulously analyze every aspect of your performance – knowledge, thinking, communication – and get to the root of the problem. Then we will design a personalized study plan to make sure you pass the next time. If you had signed up for one of our 4-Part Guaranteed Plans, the Learn-at-Home part of this plan comes at no charge.

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