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OSCE Icon2022 Lessons Online and OSCE Practice Tests

Our OSCE OSCE Lessons Online (LOL) and OSCE Practice Tests (OPT) courses provide the most efficient and effective way to pass the OSCE Exam. For those with limited time, our popular LOL + OPT combination provides a concise yet comprehensive review of all essential OSCE skills in way that ensures understanding, retention, and mastery. Learn by doing.


1. LEARNING: Lessons Online (LOL)

Our OSCE Lessons Online (LOL) reviews the essential information needed to master and pass the ABA OSCE exam, all accessible through our user-friendly Video Library.

 1 Communication and Professionalism: Informed Consent, Treatment Options, Peri-procedural Complications, Ethical Issues, Communication with Other Professionals, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
 2 Monitors: ECG, AL, CVP, PAC, CO, MvO2, SpO2, ETCO2, Air Flow, TV, RR, FVL, Temp, Perioperative Cardiac/Respiratory Events, Perioperative Emergencies, Ventilation Modes
 3 Ultrasonography: Vascular Cannulation (IJ, Cubital Fossa Veins, Radial Artery, Femoral Vessels), Nerve Blocks (Interscalene, Supraclavicular, TAP, Femoral, Adductor Canal, Popliteal). (Note: The ABA will not test Ultrasonography in 2021)
 4 Echocardiography: 11 Basic Views (ME 4C, ME 2C, ME LAX, ME Asc Ao LAX, ME Asc Ao SAX, ME Ao SAX, ME RVI/O, ME BC, TC MP SAX, Desc Ao SAX, Desc Ao LAX), Conditions (Biventricular Function and Wall Motion, ASD, Volume and Response to Rx, Pulmonary Emboli, Air Emboli, Basic Valve Lesions, Pericardial Effusions, Ao Dissection)
 5 Quality Improvement: IHA’s Triple Aim, 6 Sigma, DMAIC, RCA, PDSA
 6 Point of Care Ultrasound:PSAX, PLAX, A4C, S4C, SIVC, Lung, Abdomen


2. TESTING: OSCE Practice Tests (OPT)

Practice makes perfect. Apply the knowledge learned in the LOL program through our OPT-Live sessions. Each Set A-E, contains the same 4 basic sessions, listed below. Candidates unable to attend a sessions of one Set may make it up in another.

Those interested in reviewing the information or unable to be attended a live session may wish to obtain the OPT-Recordings, which can be viewed in our user-friendly Video Library.

Set D Aug 12, 2022 Communication + Professionalism Online
Aug 19, 2022 TEE Online
Sept 2, 2022 Monitoring Online
Sept 9, 2022 Application of US (Vascular Access, RA, POCUS) Online
Set E Sept 23, 2022 Communication + Professionalism Online
Sept 29, 2022 TEE Online
Oct 7, 2022 Monitoring Online
Oct 14, 2022 Application of US (Vascular Access, RA, POCUS) Online



Each OSCE Lessons Online, (LOL) Set A-E, consists of videos covering TEE, Communication and Professionalism, TEE, Monitoring, and Application of Ultrasonography (Vascular Access, Regional Anesthesia, and POCUS). Each Online Practice Test-Live (OPT-Live), Sets A-E, consists of 4 Test Sessions held on consecutive Friday evenings (6-8 PM CST) covering the same topics. Test questions will be presented to the group and responses will be solicited from individual attendees (with permission). All questions will be followed by detailed review and modeled responses by Dr. Ho. Recordings of OPT sessions are available as Online Practice Test-Recordings (OPT-Recordings).

The OSCE Lessons Online (LOL), Online Practice Test-Live (OPT-Live) or Online Practice Test-Recordings (OPT-Recordings) can each be purchased separately for $595 each.

Alternately, any combination of 2 products (eg, LOL + OPT-Live, LOL + OPT-Recordings, OPT-Live + OPT-Recordings) can be purchased for $895 ($295 discount). Or all 3 (LOL + OPT-Live + OPT-Recordings) can be purchased for $1,095 ($690 discount).


Course Highlights

    • OSCE Lessons Online:
    • Online access to Recorded OSCE Lessons until test date.
    • Comprehensive review of Communication and Professionalism for OSCE.
    • Comprehensive review of BASIC TEE for OSCE.
    • Comprehensive review of Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access for OSCE.
    • Comprehensive review of Point-of-Care Ultrasonography (POCUS) for OSCE.


    • OSCE Practice Tests (Live and/or Recordings):
    • Realistic tests of commonly asked Communication and Professionalism question on the OSCE
    • Realistic simulation of TEE components of OSCE.
    • Realistic simulation of Monitoring components of OSCE.
    • Realistic simulation of POCUS components of OSCE.
    • Opportunity to purchase OSCE WebMocks from expert examiners.


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  • Days:Fridays
  • Timings:6-8 PM CST
Dr. Michael Ho
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