Mock Oral Practice Session

Last Minute Practice and Review for the Anesthesia Oral Boards

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Preparing for the Orals is no more just about practice than anesthesia is just about intubation.  Both require understanding, without which practice reinforces mistakes and misunderstanding.  Our Mock Oral Practice Sessions not only provide ample opportunity to practice.  They foster a deep understanding of perioperative medicine.  Mistakes are remedied.  Misconceptions are corrected.  Practice does make perfect, but only if you practice the right way – with the infusion of knowledge and feedback provided by MOPS.

Each MOPS Course provides an invaluable opportunity to practice, learn, reinforce, and perfect your Consultant skills the day(s) before your actual exam.  Usually offered the Monday of Boards week, each MOPS course includes 7 of the most commonly asked stem questions on the Anesthesia Oral Boards along with 21 of the most challenging additional topics. Exams are given by both examiners and between peers online.

Unlike a traditional lecture-style course, MOPS immerses participants in Communication, which leads to better understanding and retention.  You will think, talk, and interact more than in any other setting available.

Course Highlights

  • 10 realistic, high-yield stems, more than any other course available
  • Evidence-based, State-of-the-Art review of major topics
  • Total Immersion, Active Learning
  • Perfect Balance of Practice and Knowledge
  • Novel Approach to Preparation – Alternating between examiner and examinee provides insight into the nature of Consultation
  • Dr. Ho’s unrivaled insight, experience, and expertise
  • Online classes, making sessions even more accessible and affordable



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Mock Oral Practice Session
Course Information
  • Course Id:MOPS
  • Days:See Registration
  • Timings:7 - 4 EST
Dr. Michael Ho
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