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Learn Perioperative Medicine at the level of a Consultant

CamClub (CC)
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Dr. Michael Ho

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The course may be over but process of learning has just begun.  Our popular CamClub covers the breadth and depth of anesthesia in a series of 25 high-yield webinars that inform, inculcate, and inspire. So comprehensive and broad in scope is the CamClub, some have called it a virtual anesthesia residency. Find out why hundreds of candidates have said the CamClub was their key to both passing the exam and becoming a Perioperative Consultant.

Part of Learn-at-Home

The CC is part of the Learn-at-Home Program (CamClub, Oral Case Discussion, Oral Boards Online), which comes with the Multimodal Guaranteed Plan, or can be purchased separately for $1,095.


1. Perioperative Consultation
2. Dissecting the Stem
3. Additional Topics
4. Critical Events
5. Difficult Airway
6. Preoperative Evaluations
7. Endocrine
8. Renal and Renal Transplant
9. GI, Liver, and Liver Transplant
10. Perioperative Transfusion Medicine
11. Fluids, Acid-Base, and Electrolytes
12. Neuro 1: Basic
13. Neuro 2: Advanced
14. Pedi 1: Neonatology
15. Pedi 2: The Older Child
16. Obstetrics
17. Machine and Electrical Safety
18. CPB
19. ACLS
20. Vascular Surgery
21. MH, NM Disease
22. Ortho and Regional Anesthesia
23. Acute and Chronic Pain
24. 10 Biggest Anesthesia Controversies of the Decade
25. 100 Things You Have to Know


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