Oral Board Online (OBO)

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Oral Board Online (OBO)
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Dr. Michael Ho


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You understand the theory of Perioperative Consultation, now put it into practice – on a case-by-case basis.  The Oral Board Online (OBO) helps you do so by featuring some of the most important topics on the Boards in the form of case-based, recorded webinars. It builds your Critical Mass of cases in a way that’s efficient, effective, and affordable.

3 Logical Parts

Presented in logical 3 parts, the OBO covers case dissection, in-depth analysis, and Consultant-like responses, while reviewing a diverse array of difficult to understand yet important topics. Recordings for all sessions are available until your Board date or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Part 1:  Difficult Stem Questions
Part 2:  High-Yield Additional Topics
Part 3:  Putting it All Together: The Entire Exam

Universal Benefits

Whether you’ve already taken or are planning to take one of our on-site courses, the OBO offers a unique opportunity to develop a deep understanding of stem questions and additional topic at the level of a Perioperative Consultant.

Part of Learn-at-Home

The OBO is part of the Learn-at-Home Program (CamClub, Oral Case Discussion, Oral Boards Online), which comes with the Multimodal Guaranteed Plan, or can be purchased separately for $895.


Course Highlights

  • 15 Challenging Stem Cases
  • 36 Commonly asked Additional Topics
  • How to dissect the stem
  • How to recognize and deal with ambiguity
  • Responding to critical events
  • WYT vs WYD
  • Resolving conflicting goals
  • What makes an answer Consultant-like


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