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Our Most Popular Course for the Anesthesia Oral Boards

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If ever there were a way to summarize everything you needed for the Oral Boards, our 6-Day Ultimate Review would be it.  Acclaimed by candidates as the single best course ever attended, the course is the culmination over 20 years of study, research, deliberation, and clinical experience.  It includes an exhaustive review of all major and minor topics, our primer on the attributes of a Perioperative Consultant, mock exams from our pool of experienced examiners, and daily interaction with Dr. Ho.  Simply stated, there is no better way to learn anesthesia as it relates to the Oral Boards.

6D crash course A Paradigm Shift

Not quite as intense as our 4-Day Crash Course, but every bit as comprehensive, the 6-Day Ultimate Review takes a more “leisurely” tour of perioperative medicine.  The 6-day time frame allows opportunity for reinforcement, refinement, and retention.  Real change – a paradigm shift in the way you think and perform – becomes possible, even probable.  The unrivaled breadth and depth of our 6-Day Ultimate Review makes our 6-Day Ultimate Review our flagship course.

Course Details

The 6D Ultimate Review Course can be viewed via our Learn-at-Home Video Library. The cost is $2,895. Registrants may upgrade to our Multimodal Guaranteed Plan for a total of $4,580. Note: The 6D Guaranteed Plan includes 8 WebMocks and 4 PhoneMock exams, attendance to our online MOPS course, the Daily Textoid, 10 emailed cases, and regular interactions with Dr. Ho, who will monitor and guide your progress.

Schedule for 2024:

No Live Courses in 2024 due to COVID
No Live Courses in 2024 due to COVID

Discounts for Other Courses

Candidates already enrolled in our Recorded 6-Day Ultimate Review course are eligible to attend or obtain access to recordings of our online 4-Day Crash Course for $2,195 ($300 discount).

Course Highlights

  • 10 Essential Attributes of a Consultant.
  • How to Dissect the Stem Question.
  • Answering Additional Topics Questions.
  • The 6 Reasons for Failure.
  • How to Study and Prepare.
  • Dealing with Ambiguity.
  • Doing vs. Thinking.
  • Comprehensive coverage of essential topics
  • How to Study and Prepare.
  • Secrets to Success.
  • 4 PhoneMocks with Dr. Ho, 8 WebMocks with other examiners with 6-Day Guaranteed Plan.
  • Dr. Ho’s unrivaled insight, experience, and expertise.
  • Review, reinforcement, and emphasis of key material…THE TOTAL PACKAGE!


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6-Day Ultimate Review
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