Anatomy 101 for the Anesthesia Written Boards

Surface Anatomy

  • Neck: Cricothyroid Membrane, Internal and External Jugular Veins, Thoracic Duct, Carotid
    and Vertebral Arteries, Stellate Ganglion, Cervical Spine Landmarks (Vertebra Prominens,
    Chassaignac’s Tubercle)
  • Chest: Pulmonary Lobes, Cardiac Landmarks, Subclavian Vein
  • Pelvis and Back: Vertebral Level of Topographical Landmarks, Caudal Space
  • Extremities: Relationship of Bones, Nerves, and Arteries

Radiological Anatomy

  • Chest (Including CT and MRI)
  • Brain and Skull (Including CT and MRI)
  • Spine (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar), Including CT and MRI
  • Neck (Including Doppler Ultrasound for Central Venous Access)
Course Information
Dr. Michael Ho
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