4-Day Crash Course

An Ultra-Intense, Comprehensive Review for the Anesthesia Oral Boards

4D crash course Last Minute Problem

No one who truly understands what it takes to pass the Boards or become a Consultant would recommend relying upon a last minute review course.  Nor would we.  Yet when the last minute arrives, many candidates find themselves with gaps in knowledge, difficulty with critical thinking, and barriers to public speaking.

Our Solution

Widely regarded as the best anesthesia crash course available for the Oral Board, the 4-Day Crash Course is tour de force of anesthesia.  Sweeping in scope, briskly paced, it comprehensively covers all topics relevant to the Boards.  Ample opportunity is provided for practice. And Dr. Ho’s inimitably dynamic teaching style engages the audience at every step, making difficult concepts easily to understand and every case a wealth of insight and useful information.

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Over the past 20 years, the 4-Day Crash Course has helped hundreds of candidates who might not have otherwise succeeded pass with ease, making it the most highly attended, recommended, and respected single course in the nation.  This anesthesia crash course simply works – consistently, reliably, whatever your level of preparation.

Upgrade, Other Viewing Options

The 4D Crash Course comes as part of the Multimodal Guaranteed Plan for $3,700 or can be attended live on-site, viewed live online, or viewed as recordings for $2,195.  The pro-rated fee for 1-, 2-, and 3-day attendance or recordings (textbook and workbook included) is $1,095, $1,595, and $1,895, respectively.  Exams are provided as 1 per day attended.


Course Highlights

  • 10 Essential Attributes of a Consultant.
  • How to Dissect the Stem Question.
  • Answering Additional Topics Questions.
  • The 6 Reasons for Failure.
  • Dealing with Ambiguity.
  • How to Study and Prepare.
  • Doing vs. Thinking.
  • The #1 Single Course in the Country.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Essential topics.
  • 4 mock orals (only with on-site course) with opportunity to obtain more.
  • Dr. Ho’s unrivaled insight, experience, and expertise.
  • By all accounts, the MOST efficient, effective review 4-days just before the actual Boards.


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Course Information
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  • Days:See Registration
  • Timings:7 - 7 Local Time
Dr. Michael Ho
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