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  • Fantastic review of essential topics…

    In order to be intelligent and confident in the exam room, you have to know what you are talking about – under pressure, quickly. Dr. Ho goes through critical issues efficiently, practically, and with wit to supplement knowledge. The lectures are a fantastic review of essential topics in anesthesia. His expertise and breadth/depth of knowledge are encouraging. The mock exams allow you to practice these principles in a realistic setting. In addition, Dr. Ho is funny, which makes long hours pleasant. The course has made me a better Consultant in professional practice. I am leaving here a much more poised examinee.

    Fantastic review of essential topics…
    Elizabeth Sherrow, M.D.
    Naperville, IL
  • A lot of fun…makes it memorable

    Dr. Ho is an excellent, dedicated teacher. He gave great structured talks. I learned a lot. The Consultant Approach is excellent. That’s how it should be. And the course was lot of fun, which makes it more memorable!

    A lot of fun…makes it memorable
    Tobias Eckle, M.D., Ph.D.
    Denver, CO
  • …All earned a 10/10!

    The course was extremely thorough and had a great diversity of cases and questions. I really benefited from seeing the method of how to answer the questions using the essential information. I feel like I now know what to expect and am more confident for my exam. Dr. Ho, the course, and his examiners all earned a 10/10!

    …All earned a 10/10!
    Jessica Jajosky, M.D
    Morgantown, WV
  • Recommending to next batch of residents…

    Dr. Ho has the rare ability to simplify complex topics while retaining their essence. Engaging lecture style. Case-based learning kept it interesting. What I really liked was the up-to-date verbal lectures on current topics and the fact that Dr. Ho taught the course himself. And the Consultant Approach is excellent. I’m seeing this more and more as I get used to it. I am recommending it to the next batch of residents from my home program.

    Recommending to next batch of residents…
    Suchil Sancheti, M.D.
    CA-2, University of Newfoundland
  • Witty approach to learning…

    The best thing about the course was Dr. Ho. An excellent, motivated, and knowledgeable instructor with a witty approach to learning. He took a personal interest in keeping me focused on the goal and encouraged me to stick with the plan. I am extremely thankful for that level of concern. It has allowed me to re-focus on my goals and encouraged me to study harder. I would absolutely recommend the course to a friend or colleague!

    Witty approach to learning…
    Sharma Shalini, M.D.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • …Brilliant! Could not have passed without it!

    Dear Dr. Ho,

    I attended your six-day oral board course a few months prior to my exam. I found the material to be up-to-date, thorough, and comprehensive. I took notes, trusted in you, and reviewed the material over time, as you recommended. I felt like I gave myself a very high chance of passing the Oral Board Examination.

    I though the camClub, by allowing me to participate in live, online, mini-classes on topics that I had a great probability of being tested, was an invaluable supplement. Additionally, I utilized your Mock Oral Practice Sessions (MOPS), another fantastic, interactive online program that got me practicing my speaking skills and knowledge. Going through the 7 cases and 21 addition topics questions each day was so helpful. And doing these within 2 weeks of my actual exam helped immensely. The topics covered definitely helped me pass the exam!

    I also took advantage of one-on-one mock oral exams with your examiners.

    Overall, your program is brilliant! I could not have passed without it! By incorporating the above into my study plan, it gave me the best chance of passing. You got me to think and speak oral board style and provided me with the knowledge necessary to pass. I got countless opportunities to practice answering Oral Board type questions.

    I cannot express enough how helpful you dedication, teaching, knowledge, and guidance was in achieving my goal of becoming a Board Certified anesthesiologist. Thank you for everything and being available 24/7 to answer my questions.

    I would be extremely happy to highly recommend and encourage anyone who wants to commit to passing the Oral Board Exam, to sign up for your program.

    Warmest Regards,

    …Brilliant!  Could not have passed without it!
    James Quint, M.D.
    Marlton, NJ
  • Thank you Dr. Ho!!!

    Dr. Ho, your course and Oral Board prep resources were an integral part in my passing the Oral Board the first time. As a busy mom and a busy life working full time, I didn’t have time to waste or much time to study. Your resources made every bit of study time effective. I did the 4-Day Course four months before the exam, and then I retook the 4-Day the weekend before my test. I also did 10 practice exams with you and your examiners. Between the two courses, I did most of the CamClubs and used the book as a reference. I didn’t have much time to study outside of what I got from the course and Cam Club. Yet I was completely prepared for anything they could have given me. Additionally, it has changed the way I practice. I feel like you give me the confidence that I never had after finishing residency.  I am now a person the surgeons actually come to for patient management and direction!!!  Thank you Dr. Ho!!!

    Thank you Dr. Ho!!!
    Diane Havalda, M.D.
    San Antonio, TX
  • The main contributor to my success…

    Dr. Ho’s course and all of the exam prep materials (including the video-conference style interactive educational sessions, and group text discussions) were great resources for the Oral Boards preparation. More so, the entire course Dr. Ho has prepared was very much geared up to prepare the candidates to the “Consultant level”; a requirement for a diplomat. I was very much impressed with Dr. Ho’s training program, and I believe this was the main contributor to my success on the Oral Boards.

    The main contributor to my success…
    Ozan Akca, M.D., FCCM
    Louisville, KY
  • Beyond my expectations…

    Overall, beyond my expectations. Great cases, helpful book and workbook, and realistic practice test sessions. I’m impressed that Dr. Ho actually gives all the lectures himself. He is so enthusiastic and excited to teach that it makes the whole experience pleasurable (well, as pleasurable as studying for the Oral Boards could possibly be). ☺ He loves what he does and that makes it easy to learn! Though the days were long, it was a pleasure to listen to him.

    Beyond my expectations…
    Magdalena Tesmer, D.O.
    Woodland Hills, CA
  • Fantastic Course – I learned a lot!

    My expectations for the course were to practice, practice, practice. But the instruction turned out to be the best thing about the course. It was definitely what I needed. 6 days was a just the right length to cover the material. Fantastic Course – I learned a lot! And the Consultant Approach was Great!

    Fantastic Course – I learned a lot!
    Jeb Rice, M.D.
    Fishers, IN
  • 4-Day Crash Course was a great refresher…

    The text was great. Enjoyed the questions based learning approach. There is such a large amount of information for the exam that it is almost impossible to retain it all for a long period of time. So I took the 6-day Ultimate Course, then 4-day Crash Course just before the exam. The 4-Day Crash Course was a great refresher, covering a large amount of information just before the Boards. I especially like the fact that the Consultant Approach taught us how to think, not just how to take a test.

    4-Day Crash Course was a great refresher…
    Joshua Bailey, M.D.
    Lexington, KY
  • How every resident should be trained…

    The Consultant Approach is how every anesthesia resident should be trained…What I appreciated the most is breaking down the process of how to articulate the knowledge and learn adaptability so it can be applied in any scenario. I liked how Dr. Ho had lectures to go over the cases in the Study Buddy Plus program. And I loved the Daily Textoids!

    How every resident should be trained…
    Jehan Elliott, MD
    San Antonio, TX
  • Added confidence to successfully complete the Oral Boards first time…

    To say the course met my expectation is an understatement. It was extremely enlightening and helped me elevate my Consultant competency. Dr. Ho was informative, goal-oriented, and extremely passionate about student well-being. His sincerity, organization, and the entertainment of his stories were what I liked best about the course. I would have enjoyed more time with such an experienced and accomplished Consultant, as there is not enough time for him to impart all his wisdom. His review class gave me the added confidence to successfully complete the Oral Boards first time around. The Consultant Approach should be the objective of residency training.

    Added confidence to successfully complete the Oral Boards first time…
    Jeremie Walker, M.D.
    Columbus, OH
  • Grateful that I passed!

    The course was exhausting, but if you only have 4 days, you only have 4 days. It was a great balance between practice exams and lecture on topics.  There was definitely a ton of information. Dr. Ho is personable and runs a great course. I don’t know how he does these 4-day courses 9 times a year. I’m just grateful that I passed!

    Grateful that I passed!
    Ryan Workman, M.D.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • I passed!

    I came to the course expecting to gain an understanding of what it took to pass and the course completely met my expectations. It taught me how to think like a Consultant.  I passed!  I wouldn’t change a thing about the course. Dr. Ho and his course both get a 10/10!  Thank you again for all your help!

    I passed!
    Brian Crenshaw, M.D.
    Raceland, LA
  • Most knowledgeable anesthesiologist…

    I came to the course expecting to improve my knowledge and communication skills, not only for the Boards, but for my practice. The course did just that. Dr. Ho is the most knowledgeable anesthesiologist I have come in contact with. He is great communicator. My knowledge, judgment, and adaptability have greatly improved. I am already thinking about the things in a vastly different way.

    Most knowledgeable anesthesiologist…
    Gabriel Wade, M.D.
    Yonkers, NY
  • Exceeded my expectations…

    The course exceeded my expectations – very thorough and entertaining as well. You keep things interesting. [Other course] was useless. I learned about the test, gained a lot of knowledge, laughed a lot, and was also inspired to become a better practitioner. I would definitely recommend course.

    Exceeded my expectations…
    Amita Kundra, M.D.
    New York, NY
  • An excellent course… Comprehensive review…

    Overall, an excellent course. The 6-Day Course is a comprehensive review of anesthesiology that helps train the way you think about day-to-day problems encountered in anesthesiology. Not only does the course help you prepare for the ABA part II Examination, it leaves you with a more thorough understanding of patients with complex physiology and a more organized thought process when you encounter these difficult patients.

    An excellent course… Comprehensive review…
    Brian Yelverson, M.D.
    Temple, TX
  • Makes me a better Consultant…Thank-U!

    The course is a must for all candidates. Great cases on major disease states, many controversial topics explained through discussions, live public exams for volunteers, private exams with feedback. Dr. Ho has great personal stories, comic relief moments, and knowledge about content and exam structure. The Consultant Approach makes sense… makes me a better Consultant! I loved the weekly emailed updates – extra cases with written explanations allow me to practice over and over. And I love the CamClubs! Can we have more? I was once blind, but now I see – do not go into the oral boards blind! Thank-U!

    Makes me a better Consultant…Thank-U!
    Galina Borodulina, M.D.
    Brooklyn, NY
  • With Call and a Family…Nothing Beats CamClub!

    The Essential Oral Board Review course was definitely essential to me for my oral board preparation. Working full-time with call and a family makes it difficult to find the time to study and to know how to study. Dr. Ho solved those issues by offering a wide range of study options. This allowed me to reinforce the pearls I received at the live course with home study materials and courses. Nothing beats CamClub! Thanks Dr. Ho and Anesthesia Consultants for helping me to become a Board Certified Consultant in Anesthesiology!

    With Call and a Family…Nothing Beats CamClub!
    Shveta Stern, M.D.
    Yonkers, NY
  • Fantastic Course…I feel 100% more confident…

    Fantastic course. Not only taught me how to properly dissect a stem, but was an excellent review of the incredibly broad field anesthesiology has become. The workbook is EXCELLENT!!! Dr. Ho adds humor and personal stories to keep everyone’s attention and the mood light. I feel 100% more confident than prior to the course, and know exactly how to continue my studying in order to achieve a passing score. Would absolutely recommend it to a friend or colleague.

    Fantastic Course…I feel 100% more confident…
    Andrew Lizek, M.D.
    Holly Ridge, NC

    Dr. Ho is AWESOME!! Articulate and easy to follow and understand. He presents the concepts and information with great clarity. All the relevant concepts and information is very well presented. I am absolutely getting better. Very pleased. A perfect jump start.

    Dwain Hamilton, M.D.
    Palm Bay, FL
  • Took this course as CA-2

    I took this course in my CA-2 year of residency and it was a very positive experience in expanding my knowledge base and the application of knowledge clinically. I’m taking the course now 3 years prior to my oral exam and feel prepared in my knowledge base and communication skills, largely attributed to the text and course. I highly recommend it.

    Took this course as CA-2
    Jane Jones, M.D.
    Mission Hills, KS
  • What our job is all about

    The best thing about the test was Dr. Ho. The Consultant Approach is what our job is about. Would definitely recommend the course to a colleague!

    What our job is all about
    Derick Sager, M.D.
    D'Iberville, MS
  • Made me a better anesthesiologist!!

    My favorite part of the course was going through the cases and discussing how to provide the best patient care. Dr. Ho taught me how to approach difficult patients, discussed controversial topics that residencies shied away from, and taught me how to make a stand and defend it. His examiners also did fantastic job explaining my deficiencies and spent extra time explaining how to answer the questions better!! The course made me a better anesthesiologist!!! There is no comparison between this course and [other course].

    Made me a better anesthesiologist!!
    Michael Franklin, M.D.
    Swisher, IA
  • The ability to keep a room full of people alert and engaged after 6 days…

    The Consultant approach helps with board and everyday practice. I have never met anyone with the ability to keep a room full of people alert and engaged after 6 days of 12-hour classes. Dr. Ho somehow does this by mixing high-yield clinical information, funny personal examples, and oral board practice. The 6-Day Course was not only helpful, it was enjoyable… I now feel confident dissecting stems, anticipating problems, and articulating my thoughts.

    The ability to keep a room full of people alert and engaged after 6 days…
    Casey Wiley, M.D.
    Allen, TX
  • How to defend plans…

    The course helped me organize my case plans into complete preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative plans.  Everyday, I make anesthetic plans, but the course showed me how to defend those plans to my colleagues.  It helped me predict problems on the exam.

    How to defend plans…
    Dava Grundhoefer, M.D.
    Delray Beach, FL
  • Amazing… Phenomenal… Should be Archived…

    What mankind is capable of is truly amazing. The course far exceeded my expectations. The Board-focused content wasn’t just about knowledge. It was more about answering the question with a logical approach. I just wish there was more time in the day. Dr. Ho was phenomenal. Extremely accurate and extremely intelligent. He effectively pointed out my shortcomings in a very constructive manner. It gave me guidance and focus. His lectures should be archived. “Know yourself, have a plan, work hard at your goals every day.” He provides the road map and only you can take the journey. Dr. Ho is serious about our success. This is the only course needed for Oral Board preparation.

    Amazing… Phenomenal… Should be Archived…
    Brian Phillips, M.D.
    Nyack, NY
  • Thank you for teaching me how to think…

    Thank you for teaching me how to think about and critically analyze the stem. The usable practical knowledge database I learned from your course was the key to allowing me to formulate an anesthetic plan, and more importantly, defend that plan. After taking your course, I started giving more quick, concise, complete answers that were essential to my passing the oral boards.

    Thank you for teaching me how to think…
    James Wang, M.D.
    Cincinnati, OH
  • Extensive review…10/10! … Called a friend… to tell her she had to take it!

    Dr. Ho provides an extensive review of knowledge base for the boards with clear explanations. He gets a 10/10!  Mock examinations offer excellent practice. The CamClubs were a great review.  I called a friend –  in the middle of the course – to tell him he had to take it!

    Extensive review…10/10! … Called a friend… to tell her she had to take it!
    Kathryn Reed, M.D.
    Coralville, IA
  • When a CA-3 approaches me…

    When a CA-3 approaches me about oral board preparation, I eagerly share my experience with your encyclopedia of knowledge!  It helped me revisit topics that I was not exposed to during my subspecialty fellowship.  Your weekly emailed cases were invaluable along with the 26 sessions of online CamClub.   Your stamina and enthusiasm motivated me to stay on schedule, practice and ultimately succeed on exam day.  Thank you for your tireless efforts!

    When a CA-3 approaches me…
    Jennifer Noerenberg, M.D.
    Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • Great source of information…

    The course was a great source of information, stems questions, and detailed explanations.  It covered a lot of relevant material in a short period of time.  Learning how to dissect a stem, anticipate questions, and give better responses was invaluable.   I give it a 10/10 and would definitely recommend it!

    Great source of information…
    Jennifer Chiem, M.D.
    Fresno, CA
  • Learn the facts… Understand the concepts…

    Great! The best part of the course was how it efficiently obtaining practice oral board concepts. It really helps you organize your thoughts, study, and execution during the oral boards. The way he goes over the cases, it help you not just learn facts, but understand concepts. Plus, there were numerous funny quotes per Dr. Ho. He knows his stuff and is great at teaching it!

    Learn the facts… Understand the concepts…
    Nick Kehagias, M.D.
    Tucson, AZ
  • I passed my Oral Boards!

    Hello Dr. Ho, I passed my Oral Boards!  Your course helped me to learn how to dissect stem question, predict the related questions, and think about critical events during case management. All these helped me answer better and in precise way. Thank you so much for all your help and an excellent review course!

    I passed my Oral Boards!
    Zalek Patel, M.D.
    Augusta, GA
  • Much more than I expected!

    The best things about the course were the thoroughness of topics covered, practice with examiners, and clarity of anesthesia topics. Had I taken this course rather than reading [other textbook], I would have passed the first time. This was much more than I expected! Keep up the great work!

    Much more than I expected!
    James Fitzpatrick, M.D.
    Morton, VA
  • Highest rating possible…

    People who have taken the course before told me that this is the starting point for Board preparation and they were right.  The best thing about it was the approach: The Consultant Approach. I would surely recommend the course to a colleague or friend. I give course the highest rating possible.

    Highest rating possible…
    Anurag Johri, M.D.
    University of Miami, FL
  • Awesome…the defacto gold standard…

    Dr. Ho was awesome. Very authoritative, smart, knowledgeable and articulate. He knows the exam inside and out. The Consultant Approach helps justify the reason for the test, and it’s what I aspire to become. I’d say the course is the defacto gold standard for oral board prep.

    Awesome…the defacto gold standard…
    Brett Fenson, M.D.
    Palm Desert, CA
  • Would highly recommend to friends/colleagues

    The 6 day course provides an extensive review of the most highly tested subjects on the oral board exam. Dr. Ho is excellent in presenting these topics and covering the key aspects needed to pass. Moreover, the ability to do mock orals during the course with professional examiners is fantastic prep. The course was more expansive in depth of topics than UBP.   I would highly recommend to friends/colleagues.

    Would highly recommend to friends/colleagues
    Brent Carter, M.D.
    North Liberty, IA
  • 6-Day Course exceeded my expectations!

    I expected an excellent review of the material and the 6-day course exceeded my expectations! More information than I could have imagined. Overwhelming but motivating! Well worth it. Every minute was high yield. Never felt like time was wasted. Appreciated that Dr. Ho really took the time and seemed like he’s very interested in us doing well! The Consultant Approach was critical. I’m leaving the course with confidence and motivation. Would definitely recommend to colleague!

    6-Day Course exceeded my expectations!
    Cristina Lamar
    University of Kentucky
  • Well worth my time and money…

    The 6-day course is exactly what I was looking for – real teaching in the medicine of Anesthesiology, strategies to break down a case and predict questions, and practice speaking. It was more than I expected though – Dr. Ho offered real life stories, examples that made content memorable and made us laugh, and also bits of just strong philosophy and inspiration.  This course produces consultants. The consultant approach is EXCELLENT.  This is why I choose this over others. It was well worth my time and money.

    Well worth my time and money…
    Angie Franco, M.D.
    Granger, IN
  • One of the best physician teachers…

    This was a truly excellent course. Dr. Ho has an amazing knowledge base. More importantly, he is really good at explaining things in a way that makes sense. He gives great practical advice. He is one of the best physician teachers I have encountered. And the Consultant Approach is superb. The Consultant Approach would really improve the care we provide if it were universally applied. It stresses the importance of a  thorough understanding that guides clinical decision-making.

    One of the best physician teachers…
    Allan Daskal, M.D.
    Phoenix, AZ

What Else People Had to Say

What did you think about the course?

  • “Well organized, thorough, overall EXCELLENT course.  Thank you so much!!!”
  • “You cannot afford to miss a single minute of your discussion.”
  • “I can’t image a better course.”
  • “Probably the single best course needed to approach and pass the Oral Boards.  I will recommend this course to every person I know planning on taking the Orals.”
  • “This book and course allow the practitioner to be a consultant in anesthesiology, not just a knowledgeable physician.”
  • “This course taught me in 2 days what I failed to achieve in 3 years.”
  • “I’m an avid tennis player and every time I watch the pros play, I go to the court and my game is improved immediately.  Your course worked the same way for me.  Right after listening to the way you talk and present your answers, my own ability to talk was much better.  That ’s why I’m interested in coming to additional courses – to hear you talk.”
  • “A course of this nature should be part of the Residency program – the residents in your program are fortunate to have you.”
  • “I feel there were many helpful hints at taking the boards and I wish I had taken it last year before failing…”
  • “I’d love to follow Dr. Ho around for a year and become a much better anesthesiologist and physician.”
  • “Your course made a big difference.  I never learned how to be a consultant during my training – and I was one of the more enthusiastic residents.  Your advice on how to answer questions got me in the mode to be a Consultant.  After taking your course, I had a pregnant patient with sickle cell anemia.  I went over the risks/benefits of putting in an epidural, and the decision was easy!   This sounds like the brochure, but it’s the truth – your course really showed me how to take the test…”
  • “This course is for the person who has failed with other approaches.  If you are taking the Boards for the first time, you will save yourself a lot of trouble by taking this course first!”

What did you think about the text?

  • “Excellent. I understood more about some topics I previously was very uncomfortable with.  I am now able to explain concepts I previously did not understand.”
  • “It answered every question on my oral board last yr.”
  • “Love it.”
  • “I think your respiratory and MH chapters were excellent.”
  • “Very well organized (covers just about everything).  I have read quite a few textbooks (Barash, Stoelting, Schieder, Ryan and Cote, ASA Refresher, Miller, Kirby, etc), but reading your book would be more than sufficient.”
  • “Very high yield material.”
  • “Great info. Worded well.  Not too superficial or deep.  Responses to questions (as one would do during the actual exam) helps focus (set the tone for studying appropriately).”
  • “This book is incredible.  I’ve read many other books before, but this one is outstanding.  It’s so easy to read and understand, yet it’s packed with information.”
  • “Sensational! The most thorough, exhaustive, and well-prepared text I have seen for Board preparation.”
  • “…the electrical safety section was excellent, thank you for making this topic easy to comprehend.”
  • “Outstanding.  Easy to read – all of residency in one text.”
  • “…the best I’ve seen.”

What did you think about Dr. Ho?

  • “You are a tremendous source of knowledge and current info.  Well prepared and motivational.  With the only qualifier being mental fatigue on my part.  Otherwise AN AWESOME COURSE, Mike.  You really helped me take it to another level.”
  • “Dr. Ho knows the information, but more importantly, he knows how to present it and how to teach his students how to present it.”
  • “I was really amazed by the great enthusiasm, patience, and willingness to teach, and also with the wide range of knowledge that Dr. Ho showed.”
  • “Authoritative, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and pleasant.”
  • “Dr. Ho is an excellent teacher.  I wanted to kidnap him and take him home with me so he could teach me everything in the next 6 weeks.”
  • “Excellent communicator.  Dr. Ho is tough but never demeaning, which I appreciate.  We all need the confidence in order to overcome and pass this exam.”
  • “Even though he was not a Board examiner, he shows what it takes to become Board certified.  Even then, he helps you become a better anesthesiologist.”
  • “I learned more from Dr. Ho in 2 days than from months of reviewing.  Made complex concepts simple and made learning fun. Huge accolades!”
  • “Excellent public speaker and teacher, breadth and depth of knowledge impressive, I hope you are in a situation where you teach residents!”
  • “The reason this course was so effective was because Michael Ho is the consummate consultant.”
  • “11/10!”
  • “It’s clear that the speaker has put a lot of hard work and effort into the course.  I also appreciate the speaker’s willingness to provide additional time for people.  I think he conveyed interest in us as people and was willing to be supportive.”

What did you think about the other instructors?

  • “Just as I expected the examiner to be, ‘honest and straightforward.’  Very good critique.”
  • “This guy was tough on me!  He tried to confuse me and really challenged me! Excellent!  Good follow-ups too.”
  • “He was a very thorough examiner.  I’m glad he spent just as much time after the case commenting and explaining the correct way to do the case.”
  • “I felt like I was taking the real exam.  Very good at making me realize my mistakes and correcting myself. Excellent review of case and suggestions.”
  • “Hard as nails,” great debriefing, he used all the techniques described in the book.”
  • “Very professional.  Gave good feedback on case presentation and content…went through questions very thoroughly.”
  • “Kept me off balance, which was good.  Good advice.”
  • “Looked like a real board examiner! (i.e., stern, poker-faced).  Very professional demeanor.”
  • “Excellent! Tough questions.  At end, discussed things like one colleague to another.”
  • “A hard examiner – very realistic.  Excellent feedback.  Detailed explanations and analysis of performance.”
  • “All the examiners showed a great interest in directing me towards oral Board strategy.”
  • “All were excellent.”

What did you think about the Consultant Approach?

  • “This is what made me decide to take this course.  After all, in my mind, this is what the process is truly all about.”
  • “Very true – no gimmicks are taught.”
  • “It is the most meaningful way to approach the oral board preparation.  Helped me to become a better practitioner and truly appreciate what it means to be an anesthesiologist.  Enhanced not only my ability to pass oral boards, but positively influenced my self-perception as a consultant.”
  • “Good description.  Not taught to be a parrot.  Taught to respond reasonably, efficiently, and professionally, i.e., as a consultant. Knowledge alone is not enough.  Learn how to use it effectively.”
  • “Adds a degree of professionalism to a profession that is often forgotten.  I think it will help me in the OR, on the Boards, as well as outside the OR in my interactions.”
  • “This is the only ethical way to teach.  The Board is designed to evaluate your consulting ability –teaching to pass with tricks and lists is a disservice to me, my patients, and medicine as a whole.”
  • “Excellent. Right on target.  Focusing on the objective of the Board examiners is much better than antagonistic [other course] approach which sees the Boards as the enemy.”
  • “I love it.  Anesthesiologists need to think of themselves as consultants, “perioperative physicians,”etc.  If everyone had this approach, it would undoubtedly improve the quality of care and the image of the specialty…The consultant approach was for me, the best way to think about preparing for the orals and becoming a more effective physician.”
  • “This course has motivated me to become a better physician and consultant.”
  • “After researching the different courses available, I chose the ‘consultant approach’ purposefully because it made the most sense to me.  I’m glad I did!”
  • “I like it because it’s easier for me to remember pathophysiology and systematic approaches than”mnemonics” or random lists.”
  • “Should be the ‘Gold Standard’.”

What did you like best about the course?

  • “Constant emphasis on BEING A CONSULTANT, not on squeaking by with tricks and lists.”
  • “Dr. Ho’s modeling of how to answer questions, his lists of 10, the 1 prototypical response, and his concise summaries of the most important topics in anesthesia that are likely to be covered on the Boards.  If I practice what he taught, I will be able to think much more clearly about my anesthetic practice.”
  • “Hard to say.  Book, lectures, mock orals (public and private) were all of equal high value.”
  • “Depth of knowledge in text and it’s organization, complexity of cases, consistency of lectures and case debriefings given by Dr. Ho.”
  • “Perfect English and easy to understand chain of thoughts.”
  • “Dr. Ho’s extensive fund of knowledge, pleasant approach, and clear organization and effective teaching.”
  • “Michael Ho is a fantastic instructor!!  He is pleasant, well-organized, methodical, and intelligent.  I was impressed by his ability to simplify complex tasks and to teach those complex tasks to a large group.  He is what makes this course what it is.”
  • “The high quality of lectures and clarity/simplification of info presented.  Without a doubt, you’re the best teacher I’ve ever encountered in my anesthetic career. Thanks.”
  • “Number 1, Dr. Ho.  Number 2, his book.  Number 3, the guest examiners.  Number 4, the Consultant-like approach to clinical problems, which gave me the knowledge I acquired.  Number 5, the confidence I acquired.”
  • “The explanation of the answers was the best part and allowed me to “hear” what I’d read in the book.”
  • “Dr. Ho’s cheerfulness, positive attitude, clarity of speaking, feedback, tremendous knowledge base.”
  • “Everything.”

If you took another course, how did this compare?

  • “If you read [other course]’s material (what he asks on his mock), you get the feeling you’re doing well, which is mostly memorization. [other course] is just practice in presentation.  Feedback is written in paper and sent to you weeks later (no explanations of answers). Your cases and explanations go deeper in the case.”
  • “[other course] too many different speakers, types of advice, unorganized, no clear approach to taking test.”
  • “While [other course] has the benefit of 6 full days to review…it became apparent that many of the “faculty” were inexperienced, disinterested, or poorly prepared oral examiners, which is the primary reason for attending an oral Boards review course.  Also, mock examiners only have a minute or two after each mock oral to go over the case in detail…Your course was very well organized: a mock oral, then case review in which physiology, anesthetic management, complications, etc. are reviewed, which combines practice with didactic material pertinent to that practice case…”
  • “[other course’s] class was too big and too superficial.  Too much emphasis on “tricks” to take the test.”
  • “Dr. Ho’s knowledge and easy communication make me understand some topics.  [other course] doesn’t take time to explain in depth complicated test problems.”
  • “[other course] is aggressive and intimidating on exams, as you are, but doesn’t help you overcome the intimidation as you do.”
  • “I have his [other course’s] book and doesn’t have the phraseology spelled out the way your book does.These short answers were very valuable.”
  • “[other course] places too much emphasis on “spiels” and made Boards seem confrontational.”
  • “Your course has practical clinical situations with explanations – [other course] does not explain, just memorized exercises.”
  • “I took [three other courses] for three years in a row and failed three times. I had to take the in-service exam, then the written exam.  I almost gave up when someone told me to take your course.  After the first day, I realized I had no idea what the Boards was looking for from the other courses.  If I had taken your course 5 years ago, I never would’ve failed and would have saved thousands of dollars!”
  • “You do not treat us as children but colleagues.”
  • “This course is a consultant approach.”

Would you recommend this course to a colleague?

  • “Yes, and will!”
  • “Great review and feel much more “consultant” like in everyday practice.  Will change the way I interact with all other physicians. Will be much more clear thinking in future.”
  • “Yes, high efficiency learning.  Good bang for the buck.”
  • “Yes.  Not only good practice for oral exam, but good review of anesthesia concepts.”
  • “Yes. Most courses teach the same material in similar format as books (lecture format).  This course’s approach of problem solving and thought process is extremely helpful.”
  • “Yes – whole-heartedly.  I would not part with my text however, to lend to someone preparing for the exam because I expect to use it in my role as a consultant.”
  • “Yes. It helps guide you in future study.  I wish I could have taken it earlier.”
  • “Yes – but very early in the study period.  I would even recommend this to 1st year residents to learn what will be expected of a consultant.”
  • “Yes.  I would suggest this to residents.”
  • “I will refer my friends, my classmates, my brother, my sisters, and even the chairman to take your course.”
  • “Will recommend to my husband, who failed first time.”