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Simply stated, PREVAIL is the most intense immersion experience into anesthesia knowledge available. Based on the experience of past candidates who have passed after taking multiple courses, PREVAIL (PRepare and Engage in Victorious Anesthesia Intensive Learning) is designed to help candidates learn and master essential Anesthesia Knowledge and Consultant skills by taking as many courses and tests as possible.

History of PREVAIL

PREVAIL is based on the experience of several candidates who, after multiple attempts, were only able to pass after taking multiple courses – usually 3 or more. That’s what it took to master the massive amount of information needed to perform at a Consultant level and finally pass. For those who are serious about passing their next attempt and able to attend multiple courses, PREVAIL is a unique and cost-saving solution. Since its inception in 2017, 12 candidates have participated in our PREVAIL program. Their pass rate has thus far been 100%.

Course Details

· Unlimited attendance to any or all on-site 4- or 6-Day and online MOPS Courses
· Up to 4 private Mock Exams per live course attended
· 2 Phone Mock Oral exams with Dr. Ho/month over the next year
· Access to Learn-at-Home Video, 4-Day, and 6-Day Course, MOPS, and Study Buddy Plus Recordings
· Access to Critical Events Boot Camp Recordings
· Access to Study Buddy Plus Program
· Access to Daily Textoid
· 10 emailed cases
· Individualized Study Plan and monthly progress checks
· Discount for 321 Simulation Course

Like Club Membership (>60 exams possible)

Think of it as a gym membership for the Oral Boards – for one fee, you can attend as many 4- or 6-Day courses as you like over the next year or until your exam date. Each time you attend a course (total of 12 in 2019), you are entitled to take up to 4 one-on-one exams. In addition, you get 2 PhoneMock exams a month with Dr. Ho. Depending on the number of courses you take, that can amount to over 60 exams!

Prices, Discounts

The cost of PREVAIL is $9,895 for first time course registrants. The course is expensive, but ultimately cost-saving if you plan to attend multiple courses/mock exams and failure is not a option. For those who have already enrolled for a 4-Day, 6-Day, or 321 Guaranteed Plan, the discounted price is $5,895.

If you would like to know more or see whether PREVAIL is for you, please feel free to contact us (888-227-9121).

Course Highlights

  • Attend all 4-Day, 6-Day, MOPS.
  • Up to 4 private Mock Exams per live course.
  • 2 PhoneMocks/month with Dr. Ho.
  • Over 50 exams possible.
  • 4-Day, 6-Day, MOPS, Study Buddy Plus, Critical Event Boot Camp Recordings.
  • Daily Textoid.
  • 10 emailed cases.
  • Dr. Ho’s unrivaled insight, experience, and expertise.
  • The most intense, detailed program to pass
  • We supply material, you just do the work.
  • Offer valid for one year from date of purchase or until exam.


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Course Information
  • Course Id:Pr
  • Days:All 4- and 6D
Dr. Michael Ho
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