321 Simulation Course

Realistic 2-on-1 Exams for the Anesthesia Oral Boards

321 IconA Special Ratio

3:2:1 – a ratio unheard of in Oral Board review courses.  But that is exactly what our 321 Simulation Courses provide: 3 candidates alternately examined by 2 examiners in 1 room.  No other course offers this degree of virtual Oral Board simulation – the ultimate experience in test setting replication and desensitization.  Each exam includes personalized feedback and detailed case review.  Special bonus: Free attendance to the Anesthesia Boot Camp (Thur-Fri before 321) and access to 321 recordings.

How Do We Do It?

  • After 20 years teaching anesthesia, we have acquired a Critical Mass of quality cases, the most important of which have been chosen for the course.
  • 2 decades of networking has allowed us to build an unrivaled team of talented, dedicated faculty, the best of whom have been selected to conduct this course.

Take It To the Next Level

Whatever your level of preparation, the virtual reality of the 321 Course is the most challenging and intense Oral Board test experience available.  It takes you to the level of EXTREME test readiness.

Upgrade, Other Viewing Options

The 321 Simulation Course comes as part of the Multimodal Guaranteed Plan for $4,880, can be purchased separately or viewed live online (with full participation, including exams!) for $2,995, or viewed as recordings for $995.  Registrants of the live course are allowed to attend the Anesthesia Boot Camp free of charge.

Schedule for 2020:

Feb 7-9, 2020 Houston, TX

Course Highlights

  • 3 Candidates : 2 Examiners : 1 Room.
  • Only course with a 2:1 Exams!
  • 6 private exams with experienced faculty.
  • Opportunity to review many more.
  • Anesthesia Boot Camp (Thurs-Fri) free!
  • Access to 321 recordings.


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321 Simulation Course
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  • Timings:7 - 7 Local Time
Dr. Michael Ho
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