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  • Testimonial

    Highest rating possible…

    Anurag Johri, M.D., University of Miami, FL

    People who have taken the course before told me that this is the starting point for Board preparation and they were right.  The best thing about it was the approach: The Consultant Approach. I would surely recommend the course to a colleague or friend. I give course the highest rating possible.

  • Testimonial

    Much more than I expected!

    James Fitzpatrick, M.D. , Morton, VA

    The best things about the course were the thoroughness of topics covered, practice with examiners, and clarity of anesthesia topics. Had I taken this course rather than reading [other textbook], I would have passed the first time. This was much more than I expected! Keep up the great work!

  • Testimonial

    Learn the facts… Understand the concepts…

    Nick Kehagias, M.D., Tucson, AZ

    Great! The best part of the course was how it efficiently obtaining practice oral board concepts. It really helps you organize your thoughts, study, and execution during the oral boards. The way he goes over the cases, it help you not just learn facts, but understand concepts. Plus, there were numerous funny quotes per Dr. Ho. He knows his stuff and is great at teaching it!

  • Testimonial

    Fantastic review of essential topics…

    Elizabeth Sherrow, M.D., Naperville, IL

    In order to be intelligent and confident in the exam room, you have to know what you are talking about – under pressure, quickly. Dr. Ho goes through critical issues efficiently, practically, and with wit to supplement knowledge. The lectures are a fantastic review of essential topics in anesthesia. His expertise and breadth/depth of knowledge are encouraging. The mock exams allow you to practice these principles in a realistic setting. In addition, Dr. Ho is funny, which makes long hours pleasant. The course has made me a better Consultant in professional practice. I am leaving here a much more poised examinee.

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