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Why A Multimodal Approach?

Because the Oral Boards isn't just about knowledge. Nor is it just about communication. It's about both - used in concert to make decisions, defend positions, and communicate concerns. To master these multitude of needed skills, it only makes sense to employ a Multimodal Approach - one that combines on-site courses, online webinars, web/phone-based mock orals, and guided peer-to-peer testing. It's been our formula for success for over 20 years.

Most Essential

4-Day Guarantee

$4100You Save $4680

  • 4-Day Crash Course
  • Recorded 4-Day Course
  • >100 Hrs of Learn-at-Home Videos
  • 3 Phone Mocks with Dr. Ho
  • 7 Web Mocks with Examiner
  • 1 Online MOPS Course
  • 10 e-Mailed Cases
  • 3 Months of Daily Textoid
  • Study Buddy Plus
  • 10 Total Mock Oral Exams

Most Popular

6-Day Guarantee

$4580You save $5060

  • 6-Day Ultimate Review
  • Recorded 6-Day Course
  • >100 Hrs of Learn-at-Home Videos
  • 4 Phone Mocks with Dr. Ho
  • 8 Web Mocks with Examiner
  • 1 Online MOPS Course
  • 10 e-Mailed Cases
  • 3 Months of Daily Textoid
  • Study Buddy Plus
  • 12 Total Mock Oral Exams

Total Simulation Experience

321 Guarantee

$4980You save $3025

  • 321 Simulation Course
  • Recorded 321 Simulation Course
  • >100 Hrs of Learn-at-Home Videos
  • 6 Live Mocks during Course
  • 12 Phone or Phone Mocks
  • 1 Online MOPS Course
  • 10 e-Mailed Cases
  • 3 Months of Daily Textoid
  • Study Buddy Plus
  • Temporarily on hold due to COVID

Multimodal FAQs

Is a Multimodal Approach essential to pass?

No, but based on our experience, it certainly helps. Attending a lecture is great, if you can remember and use it.  By reinforcing that information with webinars, emails, daily texts, emails, phone/online tests, and other proven techniques of teaching, our Multimodal Approach maximizes your ability to understand, retain, and utilize what you’ve worked so hard to learn.

How important is the CamClub?

We call it essential. It includes 24 interactive webinars, about 90 minutes each, totaling around 40 hours of instruction on the most critically important, difficult to understand, and essential issues of the day. It’s virtually another course, all from home! And with Mulitimodal 1, it’s only $395 (that’s about $10/hr)!

What about the Web Mocks and Phone Mocks?

Again, we feel they’re vitally important. You can take exams from colleagues, but unless they’re experts, the quality of feedback and instruction that follows is often insufficient. But receiving feedback is when the real learning occurs. Our examiners are all highly experienced examiners and seasoned experts in their subspecialties. If there’s anything at which we excel, it’s giving quality exams and incisive feedback.

Who should take Multimodal 3?

Anyone who has the time, energy, and desire to maximize their chances of passing. Theoretically, there are an infinite number of possible stem questions, but over the past 20 years, we’ve identified approximately 50 that are most commonly asked. The more of those you can master, the better: we call it building a critical mass of case exposure. Multimodal 3 maximizes covers those 50 cases, taking your critical mass to the MAX.

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