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Passing is a Simple 4-Step Process

Learn with an On-Site Course, take a Webmock, Learn from Home, take a last-minute MOPS.
Nothing is more Efficient, Effective, or Essential.

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    1. Learn with an On-Site Course

    Step 1: Take an On-Site Course. The traditional classroom course is still the most efficient, personalized, and memorable way to learn how to become a Perioperative Consultant. Whether its a 6-Day Ultimate Review, 4-Day Crash Course, 2-Day Essential Review, 3:2:1 Simulation Course, or Anesthesia Boot Camp, learn why our Consultant Approach provides all the tools you need to pass and the motivation to begin.

    Take the first step to your success and register today!

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    2. Test with Quality

    Step 2: Take Quality Tests.  All our exams include expert feedback, impart up-do-date information, and push you to your limits.  And every exam in our Quality Testing Curriculum – WebMocks with Expert Examiners, Phone Mocks with Dr. Ho, and Study Buddy Plus – comes with printed questions and online recorded responses, providing unrivaled post-test review.

    Our Quality Testing Curriculum (QTC) is quality and quantity in one!

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    3. Perfect with Multimodal Home Learning

    Step 3: Perfect yourself by learning from home.  Our Multimodal Home Learning Module includes our much acclaimed CamClubs (CC) and most recently, the Oral Boards Online (OBO).  Recordings of both, as well of our Oral Case Discussions (OCD) and 321 Simulation Course (321), are available for 24-7 access. And The on days you can’t study, the Daily Textoid allows you to master at least one topic via a friendly text message.

    A multimodal approach works for patient care. Why not passing your Boards?

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    4. Perform with MOPS

    Step 4: Maximize your Performance with our Mock Oral Practice Sessions. Held during the Monday and Tuesday of Boards Week, these interactive and engaging workshops maximize your speaking, thinking, and communication skills while helping you avoid common cognitive and performance errors.

    It’s a high-energy boost of stress-dose steroids for the Oral Boards.


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