Learn-At-Home Program

Part 2. Learn-At-Home Program

The course may be over, but the process of learning has just begun. Our Learn-at-Home Program allows you to learn and reinforce the Essential Attributes of a Perioperative Consultant from the convenience of your own home. The 3 parts – OCD, OBO, and CC – contain over 100 hours of invaluable instruction, designed to enhance and accelerate your learning. All 3 are included with our Guaranteed Plans, can be obtained as a set, or can be purchased separately.

Part 3. Mock Orals On-Demand (MOOD)

Our MOOD exams don't just test. They teach – and make sure you learn. Affordably priced, every test comes with expert feedback and take-home key points. PhoneMocks with Dr. Ho or WebMocks with our expert faculty are included with our Guaranteed Plan (see table above). Additional exams can be purchased separately. Guaranteed Plan members are eligible to join our Study Buddy Plus+ community and test with other GP candidates.
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