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What is the proposed mechanism by which a dorsal column stimulator works?
Is the ACT like the PT, PTT, both, or neither?
What syndrome is suggested by the classic triad of syncope, seizures, and sudden death?
What is the difference between an ASA Practice Parameters, Standards, Guidelines, and Statements?
Is there such a thing as a best anesthetic for cardiac surgery?
What is the disease suggests by the following transthoracic pulsed wave-Doppler mitral inflow view (E > A)?
You are called to assist in the management of a 44-year-old, morbidly obese diabetic brought to the emergency room unconscious and hypotensive after attempting suicide by taking 10X her usual dose of insulin and a week’s dose of propranolol. She is hypotensive, intubated, and without IV access despite multiple intraosseous and ultrasound-guided attempts. What can you do to help?
Does a labor epidural cause a fever?
What is the one perioperative situation for which mild hypothermia has been shown to be neuroprotective?
Name 4 or 5 differences between croup and epiglottis. How does management differ?
How can excess normal saline produce a metabolic acidosis?
A 60-year-old, 100 kg, 5-6” male patient is scheduled for resection of a large rectal cancer. What exact ventilator setting would you use to ventilate the patient intraoperatively?
A 52-year-old otherwise healthy male presents for hemicolectomy. He has a history of recent cough, dypsnea, and chest pain. What would you do?
What are brainstem or auditory evoked potentials?
What is the mechanism by which Plavix (clopidogrel) works?
What is the cause of neonatal “hyaline membrane disease?
A 32-yo G4P3 female presents for a labor epidural. She has placenta previa and a prior C/S. Concerns?
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  What is the translation of Chinese term “ma huang”?
What is unusual about the following ECG?
What equation describes why shortness of breath occurs after delivery in a parturient with a history of rheumatic fever?
What is the #1 congenital heart lesion in a patient with Down syndrome?
What are the key elements of medical management of a congenital diaphragmatic hernia?
What type of patient can no longer donate blood for FFP?
Following a spinal anesthetic, sudden bradycardia occurs.   What is your DDx?
A 45-yo female develops oliguria, shoulder and gluteal pain, and CPK 8,000 IU 2 days after a laparoscopic gastric banding. What are you worried about?
What is the most common cause of blindness in spinal cord surgery?
What are the most common causes of post-CPB bleeding?
Can a patient with multiple sclerosis receive a labor epidural?
What weight should be used to dose succinylcholine in the morbidly obese patient?
What are the theoretical problems with giving bicarbonate in a code?
What did the CRASH-2 trial show?
In what situations would you give methylene blue?
What is the proposed mechanism by which nimodipine improves neurologic outcomes with subarachnoid aneurysm hemorrhage (SAH)?
What is the primary mechanism by which temperature decreases in the first hour of GA? Significance?
What is meant by goal-directed therapy (GDT) in the treatment of sepsis?
You are called to intubate a 42-year-old male in the ER in respiratory distress. He has a 5-day history of worsening purulent cough, HR 112, BP 88/34, R 32, T 39.0oC. Would you intubate with etomidate?
A patient taking selegiline is given meperidine for postop pain, after which he becomes hypertensive and agitate. What is this called? What else causes it? How to Rx?
A 19-year-old male who fell down the stairs presents to the ER with an elbow fracture in a C-collar. He has no neck pain and is neurologically intact. Can you clinically clear the C-spine?
How does liver failure affect your administration of anesthetic drugs?
What did the TRICC trial show?
A 52-year-old female is scheduled for transphenoidal hypophysectomy. What endocrine workup is needed?
Is there a blood test for MH?
Your are called to help manage a 52-year-old alcoholic male is found in status epilepticus, refractory to conventional antiepileptic medication. After intubation, you find the serum sodium is 118. How would you Rx?
A 17-year-old victim of a motorcycle accident complains of worsening leg pain after ORIF of a tibial fracture despite use of femoral and sciatic continuous catheters. What would you do?
A 70-year-old smoker with hypertension is hypotensive following colectomy. CVP = 10 cm H2O. Does the patient need fluids? Why is the CVP such a poor indicator of blood volume?
What, exactly, did the POISE 1 trial show?
A 44-year-old G3P0 female has a history of lupus. What are the systemic effects of lupus? The patient has a positive lupus anticoagulant. Is a labor epidural a good idea?
What is third spacing? Is it valid? Implications?
A 22-year-old male with a class 3 airway is scheduled for emergency appendectomy. How would you intubate? What he had asthma?
What is the MELD score?
How would you manage a patient scheduled for resection of a pheochromocytoma who is pregnant?
What anesthetics are safe to give in the breast-feeding mother?
What is the fire triad? Give examples of each. In what sort of cases do you worry about it the most?
A 57-year-old, 5-7, 89 kg male is scheduled for robotic prostatectomy. He has a history of HTN and asthma. What are your preoperative concerns?
How does Gabapentin work? Side effects?
A 45-year-old male developed low back pain after lifting a heavy object. What do you want to know before obtaining imaging studies?
What causes systolic pressure variation?
A 26 yo male victim of a MVA needs craniotomy for evacuation of left hematoma. He has a history of HTN and tobacco use. Medications: lasix, lisinipril, metoprolol. HR 52, BP 160/88, R 14, T 35.7C. K 2.7, HG 10. What are your concerns for this patient?
List 3 principles of management for pulmonary HTN.
A 44-yo pt with alcoholic cirrhosis is scheduled for orthotopic liver transplantation. What are some of your preop concerns?
How do you treat postop shivering?
How DDx osmotic diuresis from fluid overload?
How would you provide one-lung ventilation for a pt with a difficult airway?
You are called into a room to help a colleague who just performed an interscalene block on a patient who is now seizing. How would you proceed?
A patient with a family history of death under anesthesia is scheduled for a lapraroscopic pheo resection. What makes this case really special?
What are the new anticoagulants dabigatran (Pradaxa), apixaban (Eliquis), and rivaroxaban (Xarelto) used for? How do they work? Implications for surgery and RA?
What are the anesthetic implications of hypothyroidism?
In NALS, do you cannulate the umbilical artery or vein? Why?
What are the systemic effects of HgSS?
A parent asks you whether it is better for her child to receive GA or RA for his IHR. She’s been reading some disturbing news about the adverse effects of GA. How would you respond?
What is the Perioperative Surgical Home?


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