Perform at Your Best with MOPS

Maximize your performance right before the exam.

Perform at Your Best with MOPS
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Dr. Michael Ho


Perform at your Best

There is no more important time to maximize your performance than the days immediately before your exam.  Through a series of commonly asked stem questions and challenging additional topics, each MOPS quickly desensitizes you to the fast-paced, unpredictable nature of the Boards with intense back-and-forth discussions between colleagues and course instructors. Key concepts and answers are reviewed each case, balancing knowledge and technique.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Make sure you can think, speak, and perform at your highest level – that of a Perioperative Consultant – with a last-minute performance boost from MOPS. Taking MOPS leaves nothing to chance.

Most MOPS are held online and are available in sets A-C, each with its own set of must-know cases. At least 2 or 3 of your exams will be given by Dr. Ho or an experienced Course Examiner. The MOPS comes as part of the Multimodal Guaranteed Plan or can be purchased separately for $795.


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