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Orals - Oral Case Discussion (OCD)

Oral Case Discussion

OCD Session 1

Hemicolectomy, Coronary Stent, Goal-Directed Therapy, Fluid Responsiveness, Therapeutic Hypotherm, Anticoagulants, MI

OCD Session 2

Pyloric Stenosis, Murmur, MH, Neurotoxicity, ETT Cuff, Laryngospasm, Thermoregulation, Aspiration, Pedi Pain, TAP, Delayed Arousal

OCD Session 3

Renal Txp, Hyper/hypoK, Coagulation, Hypercoagulable, LMWH, Chemotherapy, Txf, Oligura, RRT, ARDS, Weaning from Vent

OCD Session 4

PIH, Cocaine, LEA, Obese, OSA, DAW, NALS, rF7a

OCD Session 5

Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopy Prostactomy, Vascular Tone, Awareness, CIED, POVL, Migraine, Nerve Injury

OCD Session 6

Flow Volume Loop, Down Syndrome, AV Canal, Endocarditis Prophylaxis, Airway Fire, Conflicting Goals

OCD Session 7

CPB, Difficult Airway, Hep Resistance, Weaning Off CPB, Difficult Airway Exam, Post-CPB AKI, Pulmonary Dysfunction, Oliguria, Bleeding, Mech Vent, Coronary Anatomy, Alternatives to Hepain, AFib, Tamponade

OCD Session 8

TBI, Cogaulopathy of Trauma, Cirrhosis, GCS, ICP, HgSS, ACS, POCD, POD, Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

Orals - Oral Boards Online (OBO)

Oral Board Online

OBO Session 1

10 Consultant Attibutes, Femur Fracture, ICP, TBI, ARDS, Fat Embolism, POCD, Down Syndrome, Murmur, CIED, OSA, R-L Shunts, Coronary Stents, DKA, HHS, SIRS, Sepsis, Therapeutic Hypothermia

OBO Session 2

Pheo, PONV, SLN/RLN Blocks, Laparoscopy, Cirrhosis, Liver Txp, TEG, Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, Obesity, Herbs, ASA Monitors, Serotinergic Syndrome, LAST, Liposuction, IDM

OBO Session 3

Ao Dissection, MI, Spine Protection, Duchenne, Long QT, Crystalloids vs. Colloids, Metabolic Acidosis, Strong Ion Difference, IHSS, IDM, T/C, Nursing and Anesthetics

OBO Session 4

Apnea of Prematurity, Scoliosis, POVL, Jaundice, LMWH, Celiac Plexus Block, SLE, Tamponade, Periop Stroke, TOLAC, Epiglottitis/Croup, ACLS, Tachydysrhythmias, Interscalene Block, TOF

OBO Session 5

URI, ETT Change, DOACs, PIH, Hypothermia, VAE, Mitochondrial Myopathy, PRIS, Physiology Pregnancy, LEA, Preop Cardiac Eval, HgSS, HA, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

OBO Session 6

Anaphylaxis, FV Loops, Hypothyroidism, Muscular Dystrophy, Low Back Pain, AAA, Robotic Prostatectomy, Machine, Weaning from CPB, PAC, CRPS, Difficult AW, LeFort Fx, Txf Medicine, Brain Death, ASA 6

OBO Session 7

CABG, AVR, Hep Resistance, SPV, Vent Modes, Jehovah's Witness, Blood Management System, Tamponade, NIPPV, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, TG Neuralgia, Fire, F5 Leiden Deficiency, Fever and LEA, Autonomic Hyperreflexia, Heart Transplant

OBO Session 8

SAH, Pulm Edema, Hyponatremia, CSWS/SIADH, Hypotension Labor, AFE, CRF, Kidney/Pancreas Txp, Mitral Stenosis, Pit Adenoma

OBO Session 9

OLV, DLT, Weaning from Vent, Rapid Shallow Breathing Index, MG, Ulnar Neuropathy, GCS, US for IVC/PTX, Cerebral Circulation, Informed Consent with Aphasia, Monitoring for CEA, Teratogenicity, Mediastinal Mass

Orals - CamClub (CC)


CamClub Session 1

Intro into Perioperative Consultation

CamClub Session 2

Dissecting the Stem

CamClub Session 3

Additional Topics

CamClub Session 4

Critical Events

CamClub Session 5

Difficult Airway

CamClub Session 6

Preoperative Evaluation

CamClub Session 7


CamClub Session 8

Renal, Renal Tranplant

CamClub Session 9

GI, Liver, Liver Transplant

CamClub Session 10

Transfusion Medicine

CamClub Session 11

Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid-Base

CamClub Session 12

Neuroanesthesia - Part 1

CamClub Session 13

Neuroanesthesia - Part 2

CamClub Session 14

Pediatrics - Neonatology

CamClub Session 15

Pediatrics - The Older Child

CamClub Session 16


CamClub Session 17

Machine, Electrical Safety

CamClub Session 18


CamClub Session 19


CamClub Session 20

Vascular Surgery

CamClub Session 21

MH, Neuromuscular Disease

CamClub Session 22

Orthopedics, Regional Anesthesia

CamClub Session 23

Acute and Chronic Pain

CamClub Session 24

Anesthesia Controversies - Part 1

CamClub Session 25

Anesthesia Controversies - Part 2

Orals - Study Buddy Plus (SBP+)

Study Buddy Plus

SBP Session 1

63-yo for Radical Neck Dissection, Placenta Previa, Preop Evaluation, Coin in Airway

SBP Session 2

70-yo for Triple Vessel CABG, NALS, PRIS, Aneurysm Coiling

SBP Session 3

40-yo for Resection 3rd Ventricle Pineal Mass, Mitochondrial Myopathy, Fluid Resuscitation, Jandice

SBP Session 4

50-yo for Cystoscopy and Ileal Conduit, Combined Spinal Epidural, AAA

SBP Session 5

6-yo Former Premie for Victrectomy, Chronic Back Pain, Aortic Dissection, OLV

SBP Session 6

30-yo with PIH for C/S, Electrical Safety, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pheo

SBP Session 7

9-yo for Emergency Splenectomy, Epiglottitis, Aortic Stenosis/AVM, Retrobulbar Block

SBP Session 8

60-yo for Hemicolectomy, DNR, MRI, Hysteroscopy Syndrome

Orals - Mock Oral Practice Sessions A (MOPS-A)

Mock Oral Practice Sessions A


26-yo Pregnant Burn Victim for Emergency Ex-Lap,


58-yo with COPD and a Neck Mass for RALP


13-yo with HgSS for Resection of a Pituitary Adenoma


2-yo with a FH of MH for Repair of Intusseception


45-yo with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, ICD, and OSA for Lap Cholecystomy


26-yo with SLE for Evacuation of a Subdural Hematoma


70-yo for CAB, AVR

Orals - Mock Oral Practice Sessions B (MOPS-B)

Mock Oral Practice Sessions B


33-yo for Cadaveric Renal Tranplant


54-year old Obese Male for Parotidectomy, Radical Neck Dissection


47-yo for Urgent Right Carotid Endarterectomy


30-yo for with Congenital Protein C Deficiency for LEA


24-yo for Clipping of Intracranial Aneurysm


58-yo for Mediastinoscopy, Right Pneumonectomy


20-yo with HgSS for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Orals - Mock Oral Practice Sessions C (MOPS-C)

Mock Oral Practice Sessions C


75-yo for Repair of an Infrarenal AAA


70-yo with Cerebrovascular Disease for 3-Vessel CABG


60-yo with for Thoracoscopic Resection of a Posterior Mediastinal Mass


30-yo G2P0 with Asthma and IHSS for LEA


33-yo Victim of a MVA for Lumbrosacal Spinal Fusion


37-yo with Mitral Stenosis for Urgent Repeat C/S


50-yo with GER for Resection of a Meningioma

Orals - Must-Know Cases A

Must-Know Cases A

MKC A Session 1

ABG, Valvular Disease, IABP, CPB, Ischemic Preconditioning, Hep Resistance, Alpha-stat, Weaning off CPB, IABP, Fast Track, Vent Settings, Hoarsenes, Tamponade, MICS

MKC A Session 2

Brain Tumor, ICP, CPP, Therapeutic Hypothermia, Myocardial Ischemia, Hypokalemia, VAE, Bulging Brain, Delayed Arousal

MKC A Session 3

PIH, HTN in Pregnancy, Cocaine, Consent, Abdominal Pain, MVP, Labor Epidural, Stat C/S, High Spinal, Difficult AW, NALS, Abruptio, Type Cross/Type-Screen

MKC A Session 4

MH, URI, GERD, Elevate AW Pressures, PONV, ACLS/Tachycardia, PALS, OCR, Extubation Criteria

MKC A Session 5

TBI, Murmur, AS, Femur Fx, C-Spine, Coagulopathy of Trauma, Dabigatran, DOACs, Difficult AW, SPV, IVC Diameter, Fat Embolism, ARDS, Bleed, TEG, Oliguria, Delayed Arousal

MKC A Session 6

Liver Txp, Cirrhosis, MELD, Massive Txf, HypoTN after Txf, Massive Txf, Oliguria, Extubation Criteria

MKC A Session 7

Criteria for Pneumonectomy, Difficult Airway, Monitoring, Bronchial Blocker, One Lung Ventilation, ACLS, Crsytalloid vs Colloids, Hemorrhage, Postop Vent, NPPE, ETOH W/drawl, Pain, Recall

MKC A Session 8

Physiology Pregnancy, Surgery During Pregnancy, Pregnant Trauma, Fetal assess, Multiparity, Rh,, Multip, Cocaine, Kleihauer-Betke, Teratogeniicity, Antepartum Bleed, Abruptio, Delayed Arousal

MKC A Session 9

Tonsillectomy, VSD, Prematurity, OSA, Sedation, Murmur, SBE Prophylaxis, Hypoxia, Extubation Criteria, Stridor, AW Bleeding

MKC A Session 10

Gastric Stapling, MO, STOP-BANG, DM, HTN, F5 Leiden Deficiency, Hypercoaguable State, SPV, Difficult AW, Hypoxia, Glucose Management, LMWH, VTE Prophylaxis

MKC A Session 11

MRI, ASA Class, Sz Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, GER, NPO Guidelines, ASA Monitoring Standards, NIPPV, Anesthesia Machine, Aspiration, Postobstructive Pulm Edema, Sz, Liability

MKC A Session 12

TURP, ACC/AHA Preop Cardiac Evaluation, Hypothyroidism, Hyponatremia, POC, PODC, TURP Syndrome, Delayed Arousal, Bleeding

Orals - Must-Know Cases B

Must-Know Cases B

MKC B Session 1

Ex Lap, MS, PAC, SPV, Mitral Stenosis, Anticoagulants, PAC, SPV, IVC, COPD, ABG, Txf Medicine

MKC B Session 2

Achondroplasia, C/S - Maternal F, Migraine, LAST, Maternal Arrest, PDPH

MKC B Session 3

Pit Adenoma, PM - HTN, Obesity, DAW, DI, CSWS

MKC B Session 4

Carotid Endarterectomy, CAD, Delayed Arousal, POD, POCD, ROMI

MKC B Session 5

Laser Surgery, Laryngeal Polyps, FVL Down Syndrome, AA Instabilty, AVC, Latex Allergy, OR Fire

MKC B Session 6

SAH Pregnancy, PIH, Aneurysm Clipping, Anuerysm Rupture, Fetal Bradycardia, Maternal Loss of Consciousness, ACLS During Pregnancy

MKC B Session 7

HgSS, Laparoscopy, Elevated AW Pressure, Transfusion, Pain Management, Oliguria, Acute Chest Syndrome, Jaundice

MKC B Session 8

MKC B Session 9

Orals - Critical Events Boot Camp

Critical Events Boot Camp

Critical Events Boot Camp

WYT vs WYD, Hypoxia, Hypercarbia, Hypertension, Hypotension, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Low Airway Pressures, High Airway Pressures, Oliguria, Jaundice, Bleeding, Delayed Arousal, Boot Camp Review

Orals - 6-Day Course

6-Day Course

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - Introduction

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - Case 1 Wilms Tumor

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - Case 2 Live Exam

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - Case 2 THR

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - Case 3 Astrocytoma

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - DTD 1 Diff AW

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 1 - DTD 1 Q A

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - Case 4 Renal Transplant

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - Case 5 Labor Epidural

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - Case 6 Hypophysectomy

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - Case 7 Mediastinoscopy

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - DTD 2 CV Monitoring

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - DTD 2 Q A

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 2 - DTD 2 US

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 3 - Case 10 CABG, MVR

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 3 - Case 8 Ex Lap

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 3 - Case 9 Lobectomy

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 3 - DTD 3 Q A

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 3 - DTD 3 Ventilators

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 4 - Case 11 Spinal Fusion

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 4 - Case 12 TURP

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 4 - Case 13 Bleeding Tonsils

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 4 - Case 14 CEA

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 4 - DTD 3 Consultant Attributes

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 5 - Case 15 Ulnar Transposition

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 5 - Case 16 Burn, ORIF Femur

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 5 - Case 17 Lap Chole

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 5 - Case 18 Thyroidecomty

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 5 - Case 19 EVAR

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 5 - DTD 4 Pain, Q A

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - Case 20 SAH

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - Case 21 Dental Extraction

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - Case 22 Pheo

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - Case 23 Actual Exam

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - Case 23 TBI, Trauma

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - DTD 6 ACLS

6-Day Ultimate Review - Day 6 - DTD 6 Q A

Orals - 4-Day Crash Course Makeups

4-Day Crash Course Makeups

4 Day - Exlap Pregnant

4-Day - Tonsillectomy, VSD, Asthma, GERD

4-Day - Tonsillectomy, VSD, Asthma, GERD

Orals - 321 Simulation

321 Simulation

321 Session 1

TBI, Induction, Prolonged NMB, Diff AW, ICP, Hypothermia, HypoN, FE, MS, Liver Transplantation, Rib Fx, UPPP, DAW, PONV, Stridor, MI, Interventional Rad, AH, Liver Failure, Tamponade, Stat C/S, Chronic Pain

321 Session 2

Ex-Lap, Fluids, MH, Bain, Sepsis, Pulm Cx, Obesity, Hypotension, PIH, Opioid Abuse, NALS, Hyperthermia, OB Hemorrhage, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hep Resistance, Hyperal, MVR, DM, CRI, CPB, Foreign Body, Molar Pregnancy, MAC

321 Session 3

MVA, NonOB Surg, RA, C-Spine, C/S, Fetal Brady, Prolonged NMB, DKA, Delayed Arousal , PIH, ARDS, Abruptio, IVDA, Machine, Craniosynostrosis, Jehovah's Witness, OLV, Hypoxai, Massive Txf, Vent Mode, Jaundice, Scoliosis, Tamponade, HgSS, Fluids, Txf, Extubation Criteria, DIC, ARDS, Oligura, Bronchopleural Fistula, Medisatinal Mass, Pyloric Stenosis, ECT

321 Session 4

Sitting Crany, Hypokalemia, HTN, Monitoring, VAE, TEF, Outpatient RA, Anaphylaxis, MH, PONV, LAST, Tourniquet Pain, DNR, Mod Sed, CRPS, AAA, COPD, CV Eval, ABG, Renal Function, RA, HypoTN, ABG Interpretation, RA, Physiology of AoX, Oliguria

321 Session 5 - Part 1

CEA, CAD, HTN, CVA, Neuro Monitors, Anesthetic Choices, Bradycardia, Cerebral/Myocardial Ischemia

321 Session 5 - Part 2

TURP, Laryngeal Polyps, IHSS, TA, Down Syndrome, Bronchospasm, VSD, PM Failure, Extubation Criteria, Vent Settings, BIS, Stridor, MetHg, Pheo, Fast Track, SAH, ICP, Vasospasm, HHH, Jaundice, Sz, Hypothermia, Withdrawal, Hemophilia, VBAC, Congenital Diaphr Hernia

321 Session 6

Ex Lap, Sepsis, DM, Hypothyroidism, Hyperdynamic State, Serotinergic Syndrome, Metabolic Acidosis, SLE, Brain Death, VPS Revision, ORIF, ICD, Extubation Criteria, ARDS, Fat Embolism Syndrome, Ulnar Neuropathy, Pituitary Adenoma, Thoracic Aneurysm, OSA, URI, DMD, Machine, Infective Endocarditis, Anesthetic Neurotoxicity, Parent, Elevated Airway Pressures, LIM, Pain, MG, CO Poison, Burn, Neuro Monitor Scoliosis

Writtens - Basic Science

Basic Science

Basic Science 1

Anatomy of Larynx, Neck, Circle Willis, Stellate Ganglion, Lung, Thorax, Subclavian Vessels, Pelvis, Spinal, Caudal, Brachial Plexus, Peripheral Nerves

Basic Science 2

Brachial/Lumbrosacral Plexus, Peripheral Nerves, Pressure Measurement of Liquids/Gases, Regulators, Machine, Cylinders, Turbulent Flow, Flowmeters, Doppler, Diffusion, Gas Solubility, Uptake/Distribution, Fick Equation for Gas Uptake

Basic Science 3

Diffusion of Gases, Uptake and Elimination Curves, Critical Temperature/Pressure, Gas Laws, Calculation Anesthetic Concentrations, Vaporizers, Safety Features, Altitude

Basic Science 4

Concentration/2nd Gas Effects, N2O Closed Air Spaces, Breathing Systems Resistance, Dead Space, Rebreathing, Dilution, Leaks, Components, N2O Closed Air Spaces, Breath Syst Resist, DS, Rebreath, Dilute, Leaks, Components, Mask, ETT, LMA, Circle System, Ambu, CO2 Absorber, FiO2, Evacuation

Basic Science 5

Proportioning System, Safety Features, Ergonomics, Neuromuscular Stimulation/Monitoring, Electrical Safety, Flow-Volume Loops, Gas Concentrations, Temperature Monitoring

Basic Science 6

SpO2, O2/CO2 Electrodes, ABG Temp-Correction, AL Fidelity, Wheatstone Bridge, NIBP, Autotransfusion Devices, Warming Devices, Ventilators, Modes of Ventilation, Fire Safety

Basic Science 7

Logarithms, Biological Curves, Probability, Descriptive Statistics, Standard Deviation/Error, Hypothesis Testing, t-Test, Hypothesis Test, Chi-Square, Regression Analysis/Correlation, Analysis of Variance

Basic Science 8

Sensitivity, Specificity, Power Analysis, Meta-Analysis, Confidence Intervals, Odds/Risk Ratios, Absolute Risk Reduction, Number Needed to Treat, Receiver Operating Characteristic, Bland Altman Plot, Pharmacokinetics/dynamics, Vol of Distribution, Protein Binding

Basic Science 9

BG Partition Coefficients, pKa Ionizaation, Tissue Uptake Models, Partition Coefficients, Exponential Models, Pharmacokinetics Neuraxial Drugs, Tolerance, Tachyphylaxis

Basic Science 10

Vd in Renal Failure, Exponential Models, Elimination, Biotransformation, Context-Sensitive Half-Time, Impact of Renal Disease, Interactions of Hepatic Blood Flow, Aanphylyactic/-oid/Idiosyncratic Reaction

Basic Science 11

Gases/Vapors, Physical Properties, Mechanism, Respiratory, Cardiac, CNS, Neuromuscular, Kidney, Liver, Biotransformation

Basic Science 12

Trace, Pollution, Hazards, Toxicity, Heme, Immune, Factors Affecting MAC; IV Opioids, Mechanism, Sites of Action, Receptors, Pharmacokinetics, Epidural, Intrathecal, IV, Cardiac, Respiratory, Other Systems

Basic Science 13

IV Opioids, Pharmacokinetics, Indications, Contraindications, Side Effects, Toxicity, Metabolism, Excretion; Barbituates, Mechanisms, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Cardiac, Respiratory, Other Systems; Propofol, Mechanism, Pharmacokinetics, Cardiac, Respiratory

Basic Science 14

Propofol, Other Systems, Indications, Contraindications, Side Effects, Toxicity, Metabolism, Excretion, Fospropofol; Etomidate/Benzodiazepines/Ketamine: Pharmacokinetics, Cardiac, Respiratory, Other Systems, Indications, Contraindications, Side Effects, Toxicity, Metabolism, Excretion, Flumazenil

Basic Science 15

Local Anesthetics, Uptake, Mechanism, Comparison of Chemical Groups, Onset, Duration, Potency, Cardiac Toxicity, CNS Toxicity, Allergy, Preservatives, Additives, Methemoglobinemia, Biotransformation, Excretion,

Basic Science 16

Muscle Relaxant Mechanism, Pharmacokinestics, Pharmacodynamics, Abnormalities, Depolarizing vs Nondepolarizing, Prolongation, Synergism

Basic Science 17

Muscle Relaxants, Antagonism, Monitoring Function, Suggamadex, Drug Interactions, Side Effects, Toxicity, Metabolism, Excretion, Pseudocholinesterase, Preoperative Evaluation, Physical Exam, Airway, Cranial Nerves, Murmur, Lab Evaluation, ACC/AHA Preoperative Evaluation

Basic Science 18

ACC/AHA Preoperative Evaluation, ASA Physical Status, Premeds, Chronic Treatment, Interactions, Serotinergic Syndrome

Basic Science 19

Adverse Reactions, Dose Response, Side Effects, Hyper/Hypothyroidism, Drug Abuse, Glaucoma, Uremia, ICP, Steroids, Obesity, OSA, COPD, HTN, Infective Endocarditis, Pediatric Geriatric Premed Doses/Routes of Administration, NPO, Induction Choices, GI Emptying/Fluids/pH, Allergy Premedications, Anti-HTN/Anginal/Hyperglycemic/Depressants, Platelet, Regional Anesthesia, Sedation, Position, Indications/Contraindications

Basic Science 20

Spinal, Epidural, Caudal, Onset, Duration, Termination, Toxicity, Test Dose, Complications, Patient Factors, Prevention of Complications, Treatments, Anticoagulants and Regional Anesthesia, ASRA Guidelines, Stages/Signs of GA, Awareness, Anesthesia Techniques, GA, RA, MAC, ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm, Fiberoptic, Transillumination, Blades, Alternative Devices, Adjuncts, LMA, Esophageal Obdurator, Double-Lumen Tube, Bronchial Blocker, Positioning

Basic Science 21

ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm, Assess/Identificaiton Difficult Airway, Awake/Asleep, Drug, Retrograde, Fiberoptic, Transillumination, Blades, Alternatives, Adjuncts, LMA, Esophagial Obdurator, Double Lumen Tube, Bronchial Blockers, Position, Bougie, Jet Ventilation, Stylette, Tube Exchange Catheter, Complications, ETTs (PVC, Silicone, Laser, Silver, Tip, Cuff Shape/Pressure, Wired, Nasal, Oral, RAE, Microlaryngeal, Supraglottic Secretions), Tube Exchange Catheter, ASA Monitoring Standards, MAC, ASA Guidelines for Sedation

Basic Science 22

Complications, Airway Trauma, Epistaxis, Larynx, Trachea, Esophageal, Corneal Abrasion, Postop Visual Loss, Ischemic Optic Neuritis Spine Surgery, Trauma Vascular, Thrombophlebitis, Sheared Catheter, Intra-arterial injection, Air Embolism, CV Cx, PA Rupture, Neuro Injury, Mask, Tourniquet, Retractor, Intraneural Injection, Positioning

Basic Science 23

Peripheral Neuropathies, Burns, Chronic Environmental Exposure, Fertility, Teratogenicity, Carcinogenicity, Scavenging, Hypothermia Etiology, Prevention, Complications, Nonmalignant Hyperthermia Complications, Treatment, Bronchospasm, Anaphylaxis, Latex, Others

Basic Science 24

Postobstructive Pulmonary Edema, Aspiration, Postoperative Pain, Opioid, Agonist-Antagonists, Local Anesthetics, Alpha-2 Agonists, NSAIDs, NMDA Antagonists, TCAs, Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, Routes: PO, SQ, Transmucosal, Transmuscular, PCA, Epidural, Spinal, Interpleural, TENS, Cryotherapy, Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Respiratory Consequences (Incisions), Cardiovascular Consequences (Hypertension, Hypotension), PONV, Neuromuscular Consequences (Residual Paralysis, Soreness, Airway Reflexes), Confusion, Postoperative Delirium, Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction, Failed Emergence

Basic Science 25

Brain, Cortex, Functional Organization, Subcortex, Basal Ganglion, Internal Capsule, Cerebellum, Brainstem, Reticular Activating System, Cerebral Blood Flow (Perfusion Pressure, pH, PaCO2, PaO2, CMRO2, Inverse Steal, Grey/White Matter, Autoregulation Altered/Abolished, Cerebral Ischemia/Hypoxia, Global/Focal, Effects of Glucose, Brain Tumor, CSF (Volume, Composition, Flow), Blood Brain Barrier (Active/Passive Transport, Disruption, Relation to Chemical/Acid-Base), Cerebral Protection (Hypothermia, Anesthetics, Adjuvants), Spinal Cord (Organization, Reflexes, Tracts, Evoked Potentials), Skeletal Muscle Contraction (Depolarization, Role of Ca, Actin/Myosin, Energy Source/Release), Pain (Nociceptors, Afferent Neuron, Wind-up, Dorsal Horn, Supraspinal, Opioid Receptors, Autonomic Contribution, Visceral, Social/Vocational/Pschological, Gender/Age)

Basic Science 26

Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic, Parasympathetic), Receptor, Neurotransmitter (Synthesis, Storage, Response, Termination), Ganglionic Transmission, Reflexes, Afferent/Efferent, Respiratory Function, Volume, Time Constant, Cellular Processes, Spirometry, Static/Dynamic Volumes/Compliances, Dead Space, N2 Washout, O2 Uptake, CO2 Production, Exercise, Pleural Pressure Gradients, Flow-Volume Loops, Hysteresis, Surfactant, LaPlace Law)

Basic Science 27

Vagal Reflex Pathways (Baroreflex), Work of Breathing, Regulation of Airway Caliber, Cardiac Cycle, Control of HR, Synchronization of Pressure/Flow/ECG/Valves, Impulse Propagation, Normal ECG, Electrophysiology, Ion Channels, Current, Ventricular Function, Frank-Starling, Preload, Afterload, Intracardiac Pressure/Force/Velocity/Lengthening/Rate of Shortening, Contractility, Measurement Limits, CO Determinants/Regulation, Myocardial O2 Utilization, Systolic/Diastolic Function, Vascular Compliance, Venous Capacitance, Muscle Action, Intrathoracic Pressure, Positioning, Blood Volume/Distribution, SBP, DBP, MAP, Intracardiac/Pulmonary/Venous Pressure, SVR/PVR, Baroreceptor Function, Microcirculation, Capillary Diffusion, Osmotic Pressure, Starling’s Law, Pre/Post-Capillary Sphincter Control, Viscosity, Rheology

Basic Science 28

Temperature sensing, Regulation Center, Set Point, Heat Production, Conservation, Loss Mechanisms, Measurement Sites/Gradients, Drug/Anesthesia Effects, Pediatrics, Cortex Cerebellum, Basal Ganglia, Major Nuclei, Brainstem, Respiratory Center, Reticular Activating Center, Circle of Willis Venous Sinuses/Drainage, Variations in Vertebral Configuration, Spinal Nerves (levels Exiting, Covering, Sensory Distribution), Blood Supply, Sacral Innervation of Pelvic Structures, Ventilation/Perfusion Distribution/Perfusion, Lung Zones, Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction, Diffusion, Apneic Oxygenation, Diffusion Hypoxia, Blood Gas O2 Transport, O2-Hg Dissociation Curve, 2,3-DPG, P50, Respiratory Enzymes, Hg as Buffer, CO2 Dissociation Curve, Bohr-Haldane Effects, Blood Flow Regulation (Spinal Cord, Coronary Arteries, Liver)

Writtens - Advanced Clinical

Advanced Clinical

Advanced Clinical 1

Advanced Clinical 2

Advanced Clinical 3

Advanced Clinical 4

Advanced Clinical 5

Advanced Clinical 6

Advanced Clinical 7

Advanced Clinical 8

Advanced Clinical 9

Advanced Clinical 10

Advanced Clinical 11

Advanced Clinical 12

Advanced Clinical 13

Advanced Clinical 14

Advanced Clinical 15

Advanced Clinical 16

Advanced Clinical 17

Advanced Clinical 18

Advanced Clinical 19

Advanced Clinical 20

Advanced Clinical 21

Advanced Clinical 22

Advanced Clinical 23

Advanced Clinical 24

Advanced Clinical 25

Advanced Clinical 26

Advanced Clinical 27

Advanced Clinical 28

Advanced Clinical 29

Advanced Clinical 30

Advanced Clinical 31

Advanced Clinical 32

Advanced Clinical 33

Advanced Clinical 34

Writtens - Anesthesia Potpourri

Anesthesia Potpourri

Anesthesia Potpourri 1

Anesthesia Potpourri 2

Anesthesia Potpourri 3

Anesthesia Potpourri 4

Anesthesia Potpourri 5

Anesthesia Potpourri 6

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