Dr. Radmila Popovic

Radmila Popovic is a member of the ASA Political Action Committee, a reflection of her strong sense of responsibility and commitment to the Anesthesia community.

Her engagement and desire to serve is also seen in her activities list over the past several years. She has served as biology and calculus tutor for college students at Indiana University, assisted in college science fair projects, volunteered for the United Way, has been involved in child care/after-school programs, supports local activities in literacy, and helped community health care education programs for the uninsured.

Professionally, Dr. Popovic is a staff anesthesiologist in a busy community hospital. She prides herself for administering Consultant-level care in a variety of areas including vascular, thoracic, general surgery, gastrointestinal, spine, genitourinary, gynecologic, orthopedic, and neurology. She is also skilled in regional anesthesia and is proficient at providing quality acute postoperative pain management.

Dr. Radmila Popovic
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