Dr. Mahammad Hussain

The recipient of the Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award for an unprecedented 5 years in a row, Mahammad Hussain has been an unrivaled educator par excellence. While serving as Chief of Regional Anesthesia at Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, TX, he was not only a popular and respected instructor and mentor. He was a champion for residency education, serving on the Clinical Competency Committee, Residency Review Committee, and Residency Research Committee.

Over the past decade. Dr. Hussain has conducted numerous workshops in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. In addition, he has given a variety of presentations at the ASA Annual Meetings on topics including liposomal bupivacaine, femoral nerve blocks, thoracic epidural, distal tracheal stenosis, and venous air embolism.

A gifted instructor in regional anesthesia, Dr. Hussain’s depth of understanding in regional anesthesia allows him to distill the complex issues of RA into easily understood take home points. Anesthesiology Consultants is fortunate to have an expert on regional anesthesia of Dr. Hussain’s caliber. At our request, his WebMocks will consist of mini-reviews of all questions related to regional anesthesia and acute pain.

Dr. Mahammad Hussain
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