Dr. Madalina Andrei

Madelina Andrei has the distinction of being a former ENT surgeon, receiving her otorhinolaryngology training in San Diego, CA. Following graduation, she practiced as an ENT surgeon in Romania several years, where she also performed research in cancer medicine (Inflammatory Process in Mastoid Tumors) and cell biology (Mechanisms of Sarcolemmal Calcium Extrusion Pumps). Returning to the US, she switched careers to anesthesiology, receiving her anesthesia degree from University of Texas in Houston. Currently, she is director of a surgicenter in private practice.

Dr. Andrei embodies the Consultant Approach, routinely delivering excellent care for high-risk morbidly obese patients with difficult airways (it helps when you know you can attain a surgical airway better than the surgeon!). She fully subscribes to the idea of physician-led perioperative care team, and conveys the importance of Perioperative Consultation in all her exams, interactions, and teachings.

Dr. Madalina Andrei
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