Dr. Timothy Nguyen

Timothy Nguyen not only passed his Written Board exam as a CA-1, he scored 97th percentile when he took it 3 years later. For three consecutive years, he has been voted Clinical Instructor of the Year by Case Western Anesthesiology Assistants Program in Houston – as a resident! He was also one of three residents chosen to represent the departmental Anesthesia Jeopardy team. Dr. Nguyen has served as Resident Delegate to the Texas Society of Anesthesiology House of Representatives.

Dr. Nguyen received a B.A. in biochemistry at Baylor University, his medical degree at Texas A&M, and anesthesia residency at University of Texas at Houston. Throughout his career, Dr. Nguyen has delved into a broad array of topics, including basic science research on the electronic effects of side-group substitutions in organic reactions. He has given presentations on venous air embolism, neonatal apnea and hypoxemia, and the autonomic nervous system. He has published peer-reviewed articles on organic chemistry and hypertension.

Dr. Nguyen is currently practicing in Houston, where he delivers regional, obstetric, and cardiac anesthesia to high-acuity patients. His love of lifelong learning is matched only by his passion for teaching, especially when it comes helping others pass their orals exams. 

Dr. Timothy Nguyen
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