Dr. Sameet Syed

Sameet Syed received her anesthesia training at Baylor College of Medicine, during which she received a scholarship from the Society for Education in Anesthesiology to work in Nepal and India. In association with Doctors Without Borders, she was successful in implementing an education module to teach a regional anesthesia using ultrasound-guided techniques.

Dr. Syed subsequently completed a fellowship in Cardiac Anesthesia from the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Her broad range of interests have included Spinal Needless and Post-Dural Puncture Headache, Proper Mask Fit and Body Habitus, and Standardization of Electronic Record Keeping with use of the TEE – on all of which she has been published. She has also served on the Research Committee for the Society For Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists for several years.

Currently, Dr. Syed works in private practice in Plano, TX, where she divides her time evenly between pediatric and complex cardiac anesthesia cases. Her recommendation for approaching a Boards question the same as a real-life case: By anticipating the likely critical events and developing algorithms for assessment and management. It is a preemptive strategy that serves her well in practice and her students well during their exams.

Dr. Sameet Syed
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