Dr. Mahesh Desilva

Mahesh Desilva received his anesthesia training at Yale University School of Medicine. For the past 6 years, he has worked at Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona, California, where he currently serves as the Director of Anesthesia Services. There, he is busily involved in coordinating multiple aspects healthcare delivery, in both both hospital and outpatient surgicenter settings.

In terms of career path, Dr. Desilva is driven by two similar interests: A passion for teaching and a commitment to helping those in need. When he is not helping to train members of his hospital team and educate and candidates preparing for the Boards, he is finding ways to help the needy in underserved areas. His most recent efforts have brought him to Mexico and Colombia, where he has played an integral role in ensuring the success of numerous surgical missions.

Dr. Desilva is a staunch advocate of the role of Anesthesiologists as a Perioperative Consultant, whose job is to oversee the care of patients throughout the perioperative period, whether it be in the operating room, labor and delivery suite, surgicenter, or satellite operative settings. 

Dr. Mahesh Desilva
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