Dr. Linda Geis

Dr. Geis has the distinction being both a Board-certified pediatrician and anesthesiologist. She completed her pediatric training at the University of Louisville and her anesthesia residencies at the University of Kentucky, where she initially worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics.

Dr. Geis has been the recipient of numerous research scholarships and academic achievement awards, including the Qualia Memorial Scholarship. During her medical training, she was awarded the Lange Publication Award for Outstanding Achievement. Prior to her medical training, she worked extensively in a variety cell of basic science laboratories at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, performing research in biology, anatomy, and pharmacology. Her publications include articles on the effects of amphetamines on central dopaminergic levels and development of steroid receptors.

Currently Director of Anesthesia of Northstar Anesthesia in Owensburo, Kentucky, Dr. Geis provides quality general anesthesia care with an emphasis on pediatric anesthesia. Her many interests include travel, sailing, culinary arts, languages, art history, literature, and yoga. A perpetual student, Dr. Geis cultivates a lifelong love of learning and passion for teaching, especially when it comes helping other pass their Boards.

Dr. Linda Geis
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