Dr. Jessica Hollingsworth

With a dual interest in anesthesiology and psychiatry, Jessica Hollingsworth is well versed in the art of oral communication. Dr. Hollingsworth received her medical training from the University of Health Science Center, San Antonio and anesthesia training at the University of California, San Diego.

Her body of published work and presentations covers an impressive array of topics, including obstetric and massive hemorrhage, intraoperative arrest, management of the difficult airway, and asystole during esophagoscopy. Revealing her fascination with psychiatric issues, Dr. Hollingsworth has also conducted research in mood disorders and suicidal behavior among soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

Currently, Dr. Hollingsworth is working with San Dieguito anesthesia medical group in San Diego. Her interest in psychiatric issues goes beyond merely academic. She co-founder Pacific Psychiatric Intervention and Wellness Centers, an innovative psychiatric clinic delivering personalized treatment plans that combine conventional therapy with novel FDA-approved techniques, including IV and IN ketamine, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and theta-burst stimulation.

Dr. Jessica Hollingsworth
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