Dr. Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Her diverse career path to clinical anesthesia includes 13-year stint as a registered nurse, a teaching position as RN instructor, a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration, and Medical School and Anesthesia Residency at Kansas University. Currently, Dr. Miller practices as a busy anesthesiologist in the Woodlands, Texas, in a practice that involves cardiac anesthesiology.

A physician and humanitarian, Dr. Miller current passion is in mission work. She previously participated in a medical mission to Belize, helping to perform open heart surgery. Most recently, she completed a mission trip to Rwanda with with Face the Future Foundation, focusing on helping patients with a variety complex craniofacial conditions and comorbidities.

In her spare time, Dr. Miller is an active member of her church and enjoys going to the gym, where she engages in spin classes.

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Dr. Elizabeth Miller
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