Dr. Kirtida Rana

Kirtida Rana offers three pieces of sage advice to all her candidates: (1) Imagine the patient on the table in front of you during the exam room, (2) Trust yourself and your training, but learn the alternatives, and (3) You are just as good as the Board Examiner, so never let them see you sweat!   Candidates have good reason to heed her advice. A fervent proponent of the Consultant Approach to preparation, Dr. Rana is consistently ranked as one of most popular On-Site examiners.

And for good reason. Dr. Rana loves to teach and it shows. Her energy level is contagious and her method of instruction always highly individualized. Dr Rana is committed to the idea anesthesiologists as the leaders in Perioperative care – optimizing patients before surgery, providing vigilant care intreoperatively, and the assuring quality postoperative outcomes. It is the same model she uses to teach Perioperataive Consultation in preoperation for the Oral Boards.

When not delivery anesthesia, she serves as the Chairperson for the journal club that she started for her group, Morris Anesthesia Group and Ambulatory Physicians in NJ, one of the largest in NJ. Her special interest is Pediatric Anesthesia but she practices General, OB, and Ambulatory Anesthesia on a daily basis.


Dr. Kirtida Rana
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