Dr. Brooks Rohlen

Brooks Rohlen graduated from medical school at the University of Utah, completed his internship at the University of California in San Francisco, and received his degree in anesthesiology from Stanford University. Independent thinker and entrepreneur, Dr. Rohlen has performed NIH-funded research on optical coherence tomography-based needle tip imaging for the practice of anesthesiology.

A study in contrasts, Dr. Rohlen is one of the most generous physicians one could ever meet. At the same time, he is one of the most critical and perfectionistic examiners on our faculty. His dedication to teaching and desire to help others achieve their full potential is summarized in his simple credo: “Together, we will work on developing clean, concise, and powerful answers – not only to pass an exam, but to harvest the best of your abilities and make you the best Consultant anesthesiologist possible.”

Dr. Rohlen is founder of CharitySmith, a non-profit organization that helps individuals start a memorial fund, memorial scholarship, or charitable fund.

Dr. Brooks Rohlen
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