Oral Board Online (OBO)

for the Anesthesia Oral Board

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After you understand and have mastered the theory and philosophy of the Perioperative Consultation, preparation becomes a matter of putting it into practice – on a case-by-case basis.  The Oral Board Online (OBO) brings many of those cases to you from the comfort and convenience of your home via an series of interactive online webinars. Passing becomes a matter of gaining familiarity with as many common and difficult cases as possible.

3 Logical Parts

Held in 3 parts, each consisting of 3 recorded sessions, the OBO covers a diverse array of challenging and difficult to understand topics.

Part 1:  Difficult Stem Questions
Part 2:  High-Yield Additional Topics
Part 3:  Putting it All Together: The Entire Exam

Universal Benefits

Whether you’ve already taken or are planning to take one of our on-site courses, the OBO offers a unique opportunity to delve into stem question dissection, case preparation, response technique, and essential information at a Consultant level. The OBO comes as part of the Learn-at-Home Program.


Course Highlights

  • 15 Challenging Stem Cases
  • 36 Commonly asked Additional Topics
  • How to dissect the stem
  • How to recognize and deal with ambiguity
  • Responding to critical events
  • WYT vs WYD
  • Resolving conflicting goals
  • What makes an answer Consultant-like
Oral Board Online (OBO)
Course Information
  • Course Id:OBO
  • Days:See Schedule
  • Timings:630-930 PM CST
Dr. Michael Ho
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