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Become expert in Communication, Professionalism, and Technical Skills.

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Anesthesia candidates who completed their residency training by Oct 1, 2016 will be required to take the Objective Standardized Clinical Exam (OSCE) along with the Oral Exams. Make sure you have the most up-to-date, accurate, and complete understanding of essential OSCE skills possible with our OSCE Onsite + Online (Triple O) course. Learn, practice, and perfect your Communication, Professionalism, and Technical Skills as required by the ABA from our dedicated team of expert instructors – all at the level of a Perioperative Consultant.

To ensure mastery of essential concepts, all course registrants can both attend an Onsite course and access Triple O Online course recordings via our Learn-at-Home Video Library. In addition, there will be multiple opportunities to participate in simulated “”HOT SEAT” Exams, both Onsite during live courses and Online via 10 web-based Review Sessions. These Triple O online session will begin late December 2017 and continue until Spring 2018 (see preliminary schedule below).


1 Informed Consent: A Necessary and Precarious Balancing Act.
Treatment Options: Show Me the Evidence.
2 Peri-Procedural Complications: A Bayesian Approach.
Ethical Issues: ASA Guidelines in a Nutshell.
3 Communication with Professionals: The Triumph of Knowledge Over Fear and Intimidation.
Practice-Based Learning and Improvement: The Power of Self- and Systems-Improvement.
4 Interpretation of Monitors: Better Learning Through Graphics.
5 Interpretation of TEE: An Easy Way to Remember Everything (Part 1).
6 Interpretation of TEE: An Easy Way to Remember Everything (Part 2).
7 Application of Ultrasonography: The Essence of What you Need to Know (Part 1).
8 Application of Ultrasonography: The Essence of What you Need to Know (Part 2).
9 Practice Test 1.
10 Practice Test 2.

Registration, Details, and Discounts

The Triple O course can be purchased individually for $995. Group discounts are available for residency programs (call for more information). Sign up for one of our Multimodal Guaranteed Plan before Dec. 1, 2017 and qualify for a $150 rebate off the GP. Call 800-772-1242 for details.


Course Highlights

  • Onsite attendance to a 2-day OSCE Review
  • Online access to Recorded OSCE Sessions until test date
  • Comprehensive review of Communication and Professionalism for OSCE
  • Comprehensive review of BASIC TEE for OSCE
  • Comprehensive review of Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access for OSCE
  • Comprehensive review of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia for OSCE
  • Onsite OSCE “HOT SEATS” Exams: Learn, Watch, Do, REPEAT
  • Online OSCE “HOT SEATS” Simulations: Learn, Watch, Do, REPEAT
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted OSCE WebMocks from expert examiners
  • $150 discount for co-registration to a Guaranteed Plan (Deadline 12/1/17)


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OSCE On-Site + Online (Triple O)
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  • Days:Sat/Sun or Tues/Wed
  • Timings:7-7
Dr. Michael Ho
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