2-Day Essential Review

An Essential Introduction to the Anesthesia Oral Boards

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An Essential First Step

The 2-Day Essential Review is an essential first step in the journey to becoming a Perioperative Consultant. Myths and misunderstanding about the Oral Exam abound, leading to ineffective, erroneous approaches to study.  Our 2-Day Essential Review debunks those myths, clearly describing what it means to be a Perioperative Consultant and what it takes to become one.  We recommend taking the 2-Day course as early as possible.

Featured in Every Course

Each Course starts with “the 10 Essential Attributes of a Consultant”, an important introduction to the anesthesiologist’s role in perioperative medicine. Through a series of thought-provoking oral exams, the Consultant approach is then illustrated in a case-by-case, topic-by-topic manner.  Following each exam, Dr. Ho provides a comprehensive, up-to-date, critique and analysis.  Because there are no absolute answers to Oral Board questions, the range of possible responses is modeled and the science on which they are based reviewed.  Jump start your study with the right tools, the right direction, and the much-needed motivation. Each course comes with 3 Mock Oral exams and access to our Critical Events Boot Camp Video.

On-Site, Online, or Recorded and Discounts

The fee for live attendance of the 2D Essential Review is $1,595. Special Promotional Discount for those taking another course 4-Day, 6-Day, or 321 Course: $895 – almost the cost of the 3 exams! It’s the perfect supplement to another course.

Schedule for 2020:

TBD Houston, TX
TBD Irvine, CA
TBD Washington, DC
TBD Irvine, Ca


Course Highlights

  • 10 Essential Attributes of a Consultant.
  • How to Dissect the Stem Question.
  • Answering Additional Topics Questions.
  • The 6 Reasons for Failure.
  • How to Study and Prepare.
  • Dealing with Ambiguity.
  • Doing vs. Thinking.
  • Detailed discussion of essential topics.
  • Secrets to Success.
  • 3 mock orals (only with on-site course) with opportunity to obtain more.
  • Dr. Ho’s unrivaled insight, experience, and expertise.
  • Includes Critical Event Boot Camp recordings!
  • Essential way to JUMP-START your study!


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2-Day Essential Review
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Dr. Michael Ho
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