THe Essential Oral Board Review

Pass the Anesthesia Oral Boards the Right Way

The Essential Oral Board Review is a comprehensive educational program designed to help physician anesthesiologists acquire the essential attributes of a perioperative Consultant, and in so doing, pass their Anesthesiology Oral Board exam.

Passing the test is hard. There are no short cuts. It takes work, dedication, and knowing how and what to study. At Anesthesiology Consultants, we specialize in giving candidates just that – the right tools and the right direction. The result is the most effective, efficient, and respected course in the country. It has become, by all accounts, the defacto gold standard of Oral Board Courses in Anesthesiology.

Other courses try to teach you how to pass the test to become a Consultant. We teach you how to become a Consultant to pass the test.